SCC Nominees to face public hearings

In his continued efforts to make a case for a majority government to the people of Canada, Stephen Harper announced today that he will make the appointment process of Supreme Court justices more transparent.

The Judicial Survivor will be immune to even the most partisan criticism during the process as the short-list of candidates was submitted by the previous Liberal government. Is this a mollifying gesture by the PM to gain more trust among those electors who may yet hand him a stronger mandate?

The process continues in the evolving tradition of the Conservative Party’s consultatively autarchic approach to PMO power. (Senate elections to follow?)

A parliamentary committee will be formed consisting of twelve Members of Parliament submitted by Wednesday (no party shall form a majority on committee). The committee will be free to ask questions of the nominees and the public will be free to watch the proceedings (and submit questions and concerns to MPs).

While the Prime Minister ultimately has the final say, Mr. Harper is opening the process (and ultimately his decision) to public scrutiny. Within the framework of our current political system, this is a good step towards reform.