Liberals face counter-attack by Conservatives and CTV

Earlier today the Liberals released a barrage of attack ads aimed directly at Stephen Harper. One ad must not have passed through their focus group however, because the Liberals frantically pulled it from their website before it got widespread exposure. The ad tries to portray Stephen Harper as a leader who would have the military patrolling our streets like some third world dictatorship. However, the ad comes off in a way that is insulting to all men and women in uniform that make the decision to defend our country. Military officers? With guns? In Canada? No wonder the Liberals scrambled to can the ad.

CTV however captured the ads (including the controversial one) and Mike Duffy challenged Liberal strategist John Duffy on the inappropriate nature of the ad. John Duffy tried to deflect and Mike Duffy called him on alleged intimidation of the veteran newsman that occured during the commercial break.

I’ve combined both the attack ad (ripped the ad from the streaming video from CTV) and the Duffy vs. Duffy clip (courtesy to

Watch the military attack ad and Duffy vs. Duffy