Becoming a judge in Ralph Goodale’s Saskatchewan (updated)

Ralph Goodale is one of those cabinet ministers from the West that Paul Martin believes that by mere appointment will do much to mitigate western alienation.

Appointing Ralph Goodale also keeps the Liberal light flickering in Saskatchewan. Remember that Goodale was the Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party from 1981-1988 and during this time he was the only Liberal MLA elected (in 1986).

Would you be surprised to find out that almost all federal judges appointed from Saskatchewan are Liberal Party donors?

I’d say I was, but I’m coming to understand Liberal methodology.

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While the Liberal Party has been largely shut out of provincial and federal politics, one has to wonder why the federal judges appointed from Saskatchewan do not necessarily reflect the voting patterns of the people from that province.

Here are breakdowns of the donations by party from the federally appointed judges in Saskatchewan since 1993.

The Hon. Mr. Justice R. Dennis Maher

The Hon. Mr. Justice Dennis P. Ball

The Hon. Mr. Justice Frederick John Kovach

The Hon. Mr. Justice Gerald M. Kraus

The Hon. Mr. Justice Noel S. Sandomirsky

The Hon. Madam Justice Donna L. Wilson

The Hon. Mr. Justice Ted C. Zarzeczny

The Hon. Mr. Justice Guy A.J. Chicoine

The Hon. Madam Justice Lynn B. MacDonald

The Hon. Mr. Justice Gerald Norman Allbright

The Hon. Mr. Justice Grant M. Currie

The Hon. Madam Justice Mona Lynn Dovell

The Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Foley

The Hon. Mr. Justice J. Duane Koch

The Hon. Madam Justice Jacelyn Ann Ryan-Froslie

The Hon. Madam Justice Gene Anne Smith

The Hon. Mr. Justice R. Shawn Smith

The Hon. Madam Justice Ysanne G.K. Wilkinson

The Hon. Madam Justice Mary Ellen Rose Wright

The Hon. Madam Justice Jennifer Louise Garvey Pritchard

I don’t know if I find it odd or maddening when I hear Canadian Liberal friends complain about how the “balance” on the US supreme court is in jeopardy because of George W. Bush’s appointments.

In Canada we have no such balance (even to upset by one judge). In Canada, we haven’t anything close to balance. Do Conservatives even apply to law school when faced with such job advancement statistics?

In Canada, most of us celebrate diversity. I hope that one day we can celebrate diversity of thought.