Deceitful headlines

Here is an example of headline extrapolation:

Liberals offer an extra $6 billion for day care

Well now, this is about as honest as saying:

Harper’s GST cut will save Canadians more than $500 trillion

As, ALW rightly points out, CTV and the Globe and Mail are all to eager to carry water for the Liberals announcing ‘increased’ funding (given a long enough timeline). In fact, assuming that the Liberal government forms government for the next 100 years, we could assume that Paul Martin’s childcare program will cost Canadians $100 billion. Now there’s a headline (and it doesn’t even account for inflation)

Here are some other extrapolated news headlines that we might see in the Globe soon:

NDP Plan Would Solve All of World’s Problems
Ingestion of pure (and positive) energy to replace soy by 2075.

Harper to Resign!
(sometime in the future, from some job)

Paul Martin so far one of the best Prime Minister’s of the 21st century
Chretien loyalists demand recount