Shame on the lazy ones in the media

Reporter: “Stephen Harper, do you love Canada?”

Stephen Harper: (long winded answer about how much he wants to do for the country. Doesn’t utter the exact words, but everyone gets the picture)

Liberal war-room release: “STEPHEN HARPER DOESN’T LOVE CANADA”

Liberal media: smells blood in the water, goes in a tizzy

Arguably, the 2004 campaign may have been lost by an over-caffeinated staffer in the Conservative war-room releasing the press release “Paul Martin supports child pornography”.

In the most recent example, the media followed the tune of Scott Reid’s pipe when the Liberal spinmaster wanted to emphasize how upset the country should be at the Conservative assertion that somehow, out of everything that we’ve heard at Gomery, that perhaps, just perhaps, the Liberals were connected to organized crime.

“What an outrageous statement!” Scott Reid said as he lead the media in a chorus. “When will Stephen Harper apologize?” they sang in harmony.

Now we have the Liberals questioning Stephen Harper’s love for Canada?

Most people that sacrifice much of their life, at the expense of family and friends and pursuits in private industry, to run for the leadership of this country must certainly have a love for it. This is without a doubt.

The Liberal Party assertion that Stephen Harper does not love this country ranks among the most vile and outrageous things said during any recent campaign.

If the Conservative Leader had said the same about Paul Martin, the headlines would have read “Angry Harper”. Since the Liberals issued the release, the headlines will read “Harper Might Not Love Canada”

Shame on the media.