Landslide Anne to leave Alberta?

If Anne McLellan loses her Edmonton Centre seat in the election, will she flee to run again in her home province instead? How committed is McLellan to her constituents?

Consider this story from this year’s January 30th edition of the Halifax Chronicle Herald:

During a Liberal fundraising dinner in Halifax on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan joked about how lonely it can be being a Liberal in Alberta.

Ms. McLellan, who is originally from Noel, said she should run for a seat in her home province, quickly adding she wouldn’t run against fellow Grit Scott Brison, minister of public works.

Mr. Brison, who spent must of his elected life as a Tory, said he knew of a perfect spot for her to run.

“I’m going to start off, ladies and gentlemen, by introducing to you Anne MacLellan, the next member of Parliament for Central Nova,” he said to huge cheers from the crowd, who instantly recognized the riding as the seat held by Peter MacKay, deputy leader of the Conservatives.

It’s been no secret Mr. Brison and Mr. MacKay haven’t been exactly on friendly terms, especially since Mr. Brison’s defection to Paul Martin’s Liberals.