Liberal plea to a disgusted membership

Here’s a recent email from Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) president Mike Crawley (with some explanatory links from me – be sure to click through on them)

Prime Minister Paul Martin committed to call a general election within 30 days of the release of the Gomery Commission final report but the opposition parties are eager to have a holiday election campaign resulting in Canadians going to the polls in January.

This means that we must be ready to run a winning campaign now. We are asking you today because your involvement now is key to a Liberal victory to donate to the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) and to volunteer your time on a local election campaign.

We have made important progress since being elected. Better health care. Stronger environmental standards. Equal rights for all. Investments and commitments in every community across the country. We are making positive change together. And Stephen Harper is threatening our progress. We need your support to make sure he doesn’t get a chance.

You can make a real difference today. We need every Liberal in Canada to donate now. You will receive a tax receipt for your contribution – and join thousands of Canadians supporting the Liberal Party’s campaign for Canada.

Mike Crawley