Allan Cutler to run as candidate for the CPC (see update)

Stephen Harper will be announcing in 10 minutes time that Adscam whistleblower Allan Cutler will be running for the Conservative Party in the next federal election.

This is good news. Earlier this year, Kate and I were trying to lobby the party to nominate Cutler to the Order of Canada. Pierre Polievre did a few weeks ago but Cutler will have to put off the honour as he’ll be a great MP for Ottawa South.

Special Announcement to caucus:
Room 253-D Centre Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

Details to follow…

UPDATE (10:32am): Just got the press release. It appears that he’ll be seeking the nomination like all other good Conservative candidate hopefuls. But I imagine that he’ll run uncontested since the tories didn’t have a candidate in Ottawa South up until now.