Pat Binns to run federally?

I’ve heard that Price Edward Island premier Pat Binns will be holding a press conference tomorrow to announce his future political plans.

Back in 1996, Binns said that he’d only be in office for 10 years. Binns caucus has been persuading him to stay on and seek a fourth and final term.

Binns’ chief of staff Peter McQuaid, however, has hinted that Binns will be stepping down. McQuaid said that if Binns is to retire, that this is the best time to do it.

So, will Pat Binns run for the Conservative Party federally instead? He’d have a good shot at securing a seat for the Tories in the province as he’s been a popular premier. Currently, the Liberals have all four seats in PEI.

The riding of Cardigan is currently open for Binns to secure its nomination.

Will he announce his intentions to do so tomorrow?

UPDATE (11/19): Looks like Pat Binns’ will stay on as PEI’s premier for a fourth and final term (he said today that he will not seek a fifth). Binns is quite a popular premier and he’ll continue to serve his constitents well.