What Liberal media?

Looks like some people in the Canadian Press and at the Globe and Mail are in the middle of their lengthy job interviews with the Liberal Party of Canada. Looks like they want some of that Culture of Entitlement pie too!

Klein in Harper’s corner in upcoming election

Calgary – Alberta Premier Ralph Klein says he wants to be involved in the next federal election.

Mr. Klein says he’ll do anything Conservative Leader Stephen Harper asks him to do when the next vote is called.

But Mr. Klein says he’ll draw the line at personally knocking on doors for Mr. Harper.

Mr. Klein also says he’ll take advantage of a cross-country trip he already has planned to tell people that the Conservatives would be a good choice to replace the scandal-plagued Liberal government in Ottawa.

The Alberta Tory premier was criticized after the last federal election for costing Mr. Harper votes when Mr. Klein publicly mused about health-care reform.

Some observers suggested Mr. Klein and Mr. Harper were working together to destroy medicare.

This last line of this CP “story” is unqualified and unsubstantiated. I’m an unnamed observer too… do you think that they’d quote me?

“Some observers suggested Mr. Klein and Mr. Harper were working on the right path to bring this country back on track after 12 years of federal Liberal ruin”

“Some observers suggested that certain members of the CP are biased and are influencing the electorate. These same observers suggested that the Culture of Entitlement extends to influence the press.”

“Some observers suggest that the use of ‘some observers’ is used to substitute for editorial spin in a news article.”