Brad is standing up for seniors

My pal Brad Farquhar has a monumental task on his hands. He’s fighting the good fight against the Liberals and while his home province of Saskatchewan is virtually free of them, there remains one and it’s not exactly a backbencher: it’s Minister of Finance and Challenger frequent flyer, Ralph Goodale.

Since Brad’s taking on the finance minister, he’s been up on his research pointing out exactly why Liberal finance policy is hurting Canadians. Teaming up with Monte Solberg and Dean Allison, Brad is taking the Liberals to task for their assault on Income Trusts.

Brad outlines the studies, the background and the media coverage necessary to get anyone up to speed on the issue. Brad also provides some help to contact the 302 sitting MPs to urge them to act upon the issue. Let’s hope Brad takes this issue all the way to Ottawa himself.