Positive policy announcement

When I speak to friends, family, neighbours, taxi drivers, and the mailman about politics there are usually two conclusions: Voters know that the Liberals are corrupt and the Conservatives seem to only underline this point while neglecting to offer anything positive and tangible to Canadians.

When the new Conservative TV ads were released, despite the gritty, edgy or “bumpy” look to the ads, I was happy to see widespread exposure of the party on prime-time television. A benefit of soaring above the Liberals and the NDP in fundraising to be sure. However, when I polled a politically neutral friend, the same complaint: pointing out that the Liberals are unfit to govern, while stalling on offering solid policy to voters. One step forward, one step back.

The beating of a dead horse, so to speak.

Of course, Gomery will make an argument on November 1st for booting the Liberals out of office (perhaps not so explicitly, but Canadians will easily connect the dots). Consider also that Jack Layton, while propping up the embattled Liberals, has been the only federal leader to make any (significant) gain in the polls. While in truth nobody should perceive that Layton represents the only party that “wants to make government work” (scavenging scraps from a bleeding dysfunctional government that is only too willing to pay off anyone for support is hardly a testament to “good government” or “making it work”), the public perceives Layton as someone who has risen above the fray and as a politician that would rather talk policy than politics.

Of course, it IS the role of Her Majesty’s Loyal Official Opposition to provide opposition to the government and to call it on corruption. However, the argument can be made that while Canadians generally vote governments out of office (rather than vote them in), Canadians find it a much easier task when prompted by positive ideas for change from the party that vies to sit on the government benches.

Therefore, I’m happy to read today’s news as both a supporter of the Conservative Party and as a free market voter who is encouraged to see more ideas in the mix to be measured by the electorate.

Today, the Conservative Party is set to announce a variety of initiatives to help a specific sector of the economy: skilled tradespeople. This policy is particularly effective on two fronts: nationally and individually. Nationally, the number of skilled tradespeople has dwindled over the years creating a significant deficiency in this sector of the economy. On the individual front, Conservative party spokesman William Stairs notes that these new initiatives to be announced today will provide “a way we can help one specific group, to help the economy overall”. One example of the individual benefit is the more than doubling of the value of tools that can be tax-deducted by a skilled tradesperson per year to $500. Canadian Construction Association president Mike Atkinson remarks, that the initiatives represent “a step in the right direction and we’ve been asking for it for some time now”.

Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are standing up for workers.

Canadian workers should ask Jack Layton how much of this CPC-proposed tax relief will go towards the bankrolls of developing nations in order for Canada to purchase the right to allow its industries to pollute if he’s elected Prime Minister.

Conservatives are offering positive practical policies for Canadians and while they’ve made similarly positive policy announcements in the recent past, this latest announcement is only encouraging of more good things to come.

Keep it positive Tories. Let Gomery do the damage.