Holiday weekend catch-up

Ok, so I took a few days off from blogging during the holiday weekend. Thanks to everybody that stopped by the site regardless. After visiting the parents on the weekend, it’s time to catch-up, yet as with any half-assed blogging catch-up attempt, things that have happened have already been well-discussed. So, instead I’ll do something that I clearly do not do enough: link some of the great sites and posts that have caught my attention recently.

Len has contributed his latest Blogging Tories carnival in what has become known as the Big Blue Bash. Check out parts one and two.

Andrew from BBG has contributed a few posts and has compiled the blogosphere response to the recent earthquake in Pakistan. I found the following story on Nealenews today and shook my head. What a misguided and inappropriate take on the earthquake.

Go vote in the Small Dead Blog awards. I’m nominated in a category and it’s a good one: “Best Canadian Political Blog”. Go vote once every 24 hours and help this blogger out.

Mulroney is the godfather of the Conservative Party? He certainly is one of its most significant living figures (if not the most). A lot of Conservatives look up to the former PM for inspiration and some for political advice. Here’s an article by Dan Dugas, and you’d think that he’s worried that Mulroney will return to lead Canada. Count the number of times he discounts anything positive with negative qualifiers.

You can always count on the widely-read Canadian blogger Greg Staples for intelligent political analysis. Of course, Greg provides some balance to life by peppering his blog with sports and entertainment news.

Darren Barefoot is a “technologist” from Vancouver meaning he’s got his finger on important developments in our medium and spots a lot of future trends before they become mainstream. Darren recently spotted Google Reader and the Million Pixel Homepage. He also runs Northern Voice: Canada’s annual blogging conference.

Fellow Blogging Tory Paul, who runs Blue Blogging Soapbox, has been on fire lately producing pages and pages of original political content and analysis. Paul and I are co-contributing to a new project that follows the details of the Liberal party’s next Adscam: Technoscam.

Monte was in Vegas backing up his friend Chuck. Jeff Watson weighs in on Dingwall. James Moore blasts out of the gate with his new blog. Steven Fletcher appeals to Canadians to give to earthquake relief.

I think that I might add Chinese to my (sometimes dusty) language portfolio. I found this great site which helps the visitor learn Chinese with podcasting. It’s free, but the paid option looks like it might be worth investigating.

I found this recent article in The Economist detailing a strange but hopeful source of alternative energy. It sounds a little farfetched, but for those that have pondered the viability of harnessing the power of a hurricane for constructive purposes, this article will make you speculate.

Canadian blogging guru, and fellow Crazy Go Nuts University alumnus Joey Devilla and his new bride made the Toronto Star this weekend. Their engagement was chronicled via blog and the MSM says “This blogging thing is the new rage… Print it!”. Congrats Joey and Wendy!

Hockey started last week, but did you know that Canada and the US have the longest international rivalry in cricket? It’s true! (and the details of the rivalry give an example of the quirky relationship that our two countries share).