My little blog is a Conservative Party plot to “jam” CPAC phone lines…

… at least according to Carol Jamieson. No Carol, I’m just a regular member with my own blog. However, I’m working to help the party get elected, while you’re working against it.

I called in, but was put on hold through a significant portion of the show. “We have too many callers from Ontario.”

Oh well. Maybe I should have followed my own advice to call before the show. Or maybe I should have told them I was calling from Nunavut.

There were some familiar callers that made it through and Powers, Kenney and Ivison had their turns turning down Carol Jamieson’s delusions. I think that the main point was vocalized was that Stephen Harper was elected democratically and that Jamieson is following her own undemocratic agenda.

I would have liked to see more questions about Paul Martin’s leadership and the lack of attention focused on the Prime Minister (he does deserve the scrutiny, doesn’t he?).

Stephen Harper’s leadership is being questioned by Jamieson and a handful of members? Didn’t The Economist question Paul Martin’s ability to lead and didn’t they name him “Mr. Dithers”?