Carol Jamieson to appear on CPAC call-in show

Carol Jamieson will be appearing on Goldhawk Live, a CPAC current affairs call-in television show to harp about Harper. The Trojan Tory will appear live at 8pm EST (5pm PST) on Sunday September 25th (this Sunday) and you can call in to express your opinions or questions by calling 1-877-296-2722.

For call-in shows, I offer the following tips:

  • Call early in the show
  • If it’s busy, redial. You will get through
  • Write out your comments before hand and practice them a few times
  • DO NOT use ad hominem (personal insults) in your argument. This only hurts your point.
  • Keep your comment/question short to 20-30 seconds (you can even stretch up to about 45-60 seconds on CPAC). Do not go over. Do not ramble. Prepare your statement (see tip above)
  • Mute your television once you are on hold. You’ll eliminate sound feedback and will be able to hear the show on the phone while you’re on hold.

Here are some talking points for supporters of Stephen Harper:

  • You’ve organized against four Conservative leaders during your history with conservative parties. Not only have you organized against Stephen Harper, but you’ve organized against Stockwell Day, John Diefenbaker and even Joe Clark. Why should anyone take any weight with your current statements? They would seem to represent your personal style more than the current person that you’re attacking.
  • It is disgraceful what was done with the Enza campaign. Enza’s former campaign manager sent a letter to conservative bloggers this past week and from the tone of his letter, he sounded like he believed that his team and Enza had a shot to make real change. However, it seems that you (Ms. Jamieson) just wanted to make an angry statement against Stockwell Day by using someone as fodder for political purposes. People with gender identity issues often do not have the easiest lives. While you used Enza as a stick to beat Day and the CA, you didn’t seem to have the intention of following through with the campaign and you only used Enza to make a point. I doubt that this paralleled Enza’s political aspirations. Could you comment on this?
  • A grassroots political party such as the Conservative Party discourages groupthink while encouraging dissenting opinions on various issues including leadership. This is an honest strength that the party has over the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc. However, do you not think that dropping a bomb in Stephen Harper’s lap only one month before a potential election call is not an exercise in strengthening of the party through the grassroots but rather an opportunistic attack driven by your own agenda?
  • This is a question for Goldhawk. Recently, Carol Jamieson seems to have gotten a lot of exposure on CTV, the Globe and Mail and now on your show. Do you think that the media should provide equal time for each and every member that supports Stephen Harper?
  • This is a question for Goldhawk. Do you believe that CTV, the Globe and Mail and your show should dedicate multiple news cycles to the dissent that exists in the Liberal party?

Here are some talking points for those that do not support Stephen Harper:

  • Hi Goldhawk, hi Carol. I’m a member/voter that supports the Liberal Party / NDP. I just wanted to say that I didn’t know who Carol Jamieson was before this week but I got to say her opinion should be taken as valid. I’m just glad that there is someone speaking out against the Conservative Party that supports my own political bias. I mean, if Stephen Harper himself came out against Stephen Harper last week, I would have even supported his opinion.
  • Carol, I’m selling memberships for the Liberal Party of Canada. Did you already buy one or do you fear that declaring your real party colours will get you less attention in the media?