Gloria Galloway gets her facts wrong again!

Gloria Galloway must really have it out for Conservatives. The Globe and Mail reporter writes numerous stories attacking Stephen Harper and publishes tales exaggerating turmoil in the Conservative leader’s office.

She did it again today, and as with her Carol Jamieson exaggeration, Galloway gets it wrong again.

In a story in today’s Globe and Mail describing CPC candidates that are ‘dropping out’ of the race Galloway names Tim Dobson as a bailout.

Tim Dobson, the Tory who placed second to Liberal Dan McTeague in Pickering-Scarborough East last year, said he was no longer interested is running, as did Tony Backhurst, the Tory candidate in Scarborough-Rouge River, who also ran in 2004.

However, at about 6pm, I received a copy of the letter that Tim sent into the Globe and Mail late today expressing his confusion as to why Gloria would print such a thing:

“News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated” – Oscar Wilde’s memorable quip came to mind as I read Gloria Galloway’s piece on September 13th (“Tory Leader Hunts for New Troops”). The article states that I am “no longer interested in running”. For the record, I have never expressed these sentiments to Ms Galloway, to anyone at the Globe and Mail or to anybody anywhere, anytime. I look forward to fighting the next election side by side with Stephen Harper and carrying the Conservative banner to every corner of our great riding, Pickering-Scarborough East.

Tim Dobson
Candidate (still)
Conservative Party of Canada
Pickering-Scarborough East

I can clear things up for Mr. Dobson. It seems that even national newspaper reporters can leap before they look. However, reporters are not columnists, they are not supposed to be biased. Yet, bias doesn’t mean printing stories which are factually untrue. Sometimes we all make mistakes, but when we do, we apologize for them.

Now, will Gloria Galloway print a retraction and apologize? Will she put away the daggers for Stephen Harper and write pieces without bias?

Tim’s letter will likely appear in tomorrow’s Globe and Mail. Will an apology from Galloway to Dobson and the Conservative Party be in print as well?

For some more context concerning Gloria Galloway’s bias against the Conservative Party, check out this recent post as well.