Memo to the Globe and Mail

Bad Brian Laghi!
Bad Gloria Galloway!

It’s time for these two reporters at the Globe and Mail to throw out their address books, because they are horribly inaccurate.

In a front page article in today’s Globe and Mail, Laghi and Galloway jump all over the CPC OLO staff restructuring like two Quebec Liberal ad-men on a sponsorship contract.

The problem is, as evidenced by the many slapping of CPC foreheads this morning, is that they quote Toronto “Party organizer” Carol Jamieson as some kind of dissenting senior member of the Conservative Party.

“Those who have been fired “are either people who are dissenting about what Harper is doing or they are former Progressive Conservatives,” said Carol Jamieson, a party organizer in Toronto.

“It looks to me right now that within four weeks, the entire structure will be Canadian Alliance.”

These poor reporters without enough time to check their facts neglected to discover that Carol Jamieson is neither an organizer for the Conservative Party… nor (wait for it)… is she even a member of the Conservative Party of Canada!

UPDATE: Bad Stephen Taylor too!