Liberty Summer Seminar

I’ve posted the banner advertisement for Peter Jaworski’s Liberty Summer Seminar on Blogging Tories because a) I’m going b) you should too and c) sitting on lawn chairs with Marc Emery and Ezra Levant by the campfire is likely to be one of those unexpected and amusingly concordant moments in life.

Also, a significant section of modern conservatism in Canada is defined by liberty and I consider many of my views to be in line with libertarian philosophy. While I’m not exactly a “Get off my land, government!” libertarian, I believe that the citizen-government relationship ought to be to the advantage of the individual, rather than the government. The government works at the pleasure of the people, while the inverse would be tragedy. When the government unreasonably interferes with the personal and professional lives of people, it has over-reached its function.

Anyways, enough about the gub’ment! I’m signing up and you should too. Besides, the organizer Peter Jaworski is a fellow alum from Queen’s and we’re usually an honest and fun crew (Tim Murphy’s on a timeout).

UPDATE: Marc’s been arrested and may not be able to speak about liberty again this year.