Carolyn Parrish Pool

I think that we should start a pool on when doll-stompin’ Carolyn Parrish will be accepted back into the Liberal Party. She needs the Liberal brand to get re-elected, yet Paul Martin doesn’t particularly need her as she still votes Liberal party-line anyways. Depending on the polls, Martin could need her Mississauga seat to maintain minority status. So, we could see Parrish back in caucus soon enough.

However, the following comments do not particularly help her cause especially as the Liberal government tries to at least appear as if it is going to address terrorism.

Concerning General Rick Hillier’s comments that terrorists are “scumbags” and that the job of the Canadian Forces is to “kill people”, Parrish called Hiller a “dangerous … testosterone-filled general”

I don’t know about you, but I am particularly pleased that the General of our Canadian Armed Forces has the testicular fortitude to face terrorism head-on.

Parrish can stomp on dolls for all I care, but when she stomps on our military for expressing their desire to fulfill their mandate, I imagine that I’m not alone among Canadians who would rather see Parrish relegated to the Parliamentary sandbox.