Blogging Tories new feature – Tory tags

I’ve added a new feature to the Blogging Tories website: Tory Tags.

What is this all about? Tagging initiatives such as Flickr and Technorati are currently at the leading edge of blogging technology. Blogging Tories has integrated a tag-like system that displays a jumble of keywords below. This display of keywords is a visual representation of keyword prevalence on Blogging Tories member blogs. Bigger links represent more posts that contain that particular key word or phrase. This is a good view of what the Blogging Tories have discussed and what they are discussing right now.

(Technically, the page doesn’t display “tags” per se, but rather keywords. I’ve used the term “tags” because the output of the data is “tag-like”)

On Tory Tags, “Canada”, “liberals”, “blogging” and “London” are current hot topics, while Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, Gurmant Grewal, Monte Solberg, and Chuck Cadman are the most highly discussed Canadian politicians. On a side note though, I’m sad to see that “Mercer” is getting as much attention as “Gomery” from the Blogging Tories.

If any Conservative/Liberal/NDP politician, member of the media, or voter wants to get a snapshot of the current burning topics in the Canadian conservative blogosphere (one reflection of the grassroots), they can consult Tory Tags on Blogging Tories.