Random talking points for Stephen Harper

Immigration and economic prosperity:
Newcomers, including new Canadians came to this country, in many cases, in search of a better life and prosperity for their families. The Conservative Party shares this desire and the will to achieve it, for all Canadians. So, I say this to our new citizens and those that will become citizens: you’ve come from distant countries in search of prosperity and hope, often at great personal expense — we owe it to you to provide an economic environment in which you can make the best lives for yourselves and your families.

On Adscam, and owning the debate:
It is time to stop talking about how the Liberals have failed us and time to start talking about how Conservatives will put Canada back on the right track, both ethically and from the international perspective. The Liberals have taken up too much of our time already, haven’t they? The Conservative Party recognizes that Canadians deeply desire an honest alternative to the current government. We cannot take the self-induced implosion of the Liberal Party for granted. The Conservative Party must instead work to earn the trust of Canadians.

On the environment/Kyoto:
Canada is a beautiful country and its vast forests, lakes, mountains and wildlife has always instilled a sense of pride in me and, I’m quite certain, in all Canadians. We’re proud of our country and all of its beauty. As Canadians, we recognize that Canada is our responsibility and ours alone. We care deeply about this land and we’re the best ones to protect it and we will do so responsibly.