Tube Terrorism: Canada Responds

Paul Martin puts it into the global context:

“Our collective freedom has come under attack today by those who would use violence and murder to force extremism upon the world. We must and we will stand against these terrorists. We will do so together. And we will prevail” — Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada and Liberal Party leader

Stephen Harper seeks justice:

“We are reminded that we must be ever vigilant to guard against acts of terrorism and to remain steadfast in our resolve to bring to justice all those who commit these treacherous and cowardly crimes.” — Stephen Harper, Leader of the Official Opposition and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Jack Layton seeks agenda:

“As evidence of that resolve, I urge the leaders gathered in Gleneagles to press on with their stated agenda to address global climate change and to meeting our commitments to fight global poverty” — Jack Layton, leader of the NDP