Pre-emptive taxation

You know that you live in a tax-mad nation when…

VICTORIA (PEI) – The owners of a restaurant and pub in Victoria by the Sea have been asked to pay the province $24,000 in anticipated sales tax before serving a single meal or pouring a pint.

It has Steven Hunter and Mike Storey feeling unfairly targeted by the provincial government. However, the government contends it is trying to protect taxpayers.

Hunter and Storey have used their own money to set up shop on the Victoria wharf. And they have been able to avoid taking out a loan to help start their business. Hunter can’t understand why government thinks he and his partner would run off with sales tax money.

The provincial government figures, based on projected sales, the PST for this summer will be $24,000. And it wants the money before any business takes place.

h/t: GenX@40