Grewal tapes spliced?

Tonight there are allegations from the Liberals that the tapes are spliced and doctored to make the attempted bribery of Gurmant Grewal seem… um… a lot… worse?

You can’t blame the Liberal spin though; this is a logical path to take while running damage control. First they painted Conservatives as secretive for recording conversations, then they try to point out that wiretapping might be illegal, then allegations of poor translation, then complaints of incomplete disclosure of the full four hours, then claims of that the tapes are inaudible, then they bring up the suspicion of doctoring.

The Liberal spin-machine is working overtime and only doing its job. You’d almost blame them if they didn’t try.

But what’s next?

Perhaps the next Liberal strategy is to claim that rebroadcast of the tapes doesn’t conform to CRTC standards or that the bribes aren’t in both official languages…

UPDATE: CQ has more here and here