CTV Newsreel – PMO Contradicts Top Mountie

CTV provides extensive online video coverage of Grewal-gate.

RCMP investigation? Dosanjh is under the impression that it’s underway, so does Guiliano Zaccardelli, the RCMP Commissioner. The PMO says, “talk to our more senior RCMP guy, he says there isn’t an investigation”. Huh? Bob Fife seems to look just as confused as I do.

I certainly hope that the Prime Minister isn’t talking about manipulating the Minister of Public Safety through her cabinet job. Is the RCMP the latest institution to experience further corruption by the Liberals? This would be my question in Question Period today. Won’t someone ask this concerned citizen’s question?
RCMP Investigation – Video

Peter Mackay – Get up and answer the question! (sure knows how to make the highlight reel) and then Ujjal Dosanjh squirms.
Mackay and Dosanjh – Video

On Grewal, Rachel Marsden annoys Mike Duffy (and me).
blah, blah, blah – Video

Ambrose, Dhalla, and Chow talk vote buying and Conservative girls’ night in. Ambrose and Chow deliver logic, Dhalla delivers talking points and keeps cutting people off.
White wine and Chinese food – Video

Dep. BC premier under Dosanjh “Shine is coming off of Dosanjh’s reputation”, David Frum – Liberals try to buy Conservatives, got the NDP caucus at a group discount
More on Grewal-gate – Video