Some Stronach Quotes

On the sponsorship scandal:

[Paul Martin is] part of the shameful mess or he is incompetent — Belinda Stronach

On Liberal inaction on free trade:

In the past few years the number of free trade agreements reached by Canada is none. With no international policy review we have no idea what the government’s trade priorities are.

The U.S. continues to plough forward, but our Prime Minister tinkers and dithers. — Belinda Stronach

On Liberal arrogance and red-tape:

The self-congratulatory tone from the government is deafening, but hollow. There is nothing to show Canadians but promises to have bureaucrats look at issues and report. There is no movement on the issues that matter to Canadian business and workers. — Belinda Stronach

On Paul Martin:

Once again the Prime Minister is taking the country in the wrong direction. — Belinda Stronach

More dithering:

If the throne speech was supposed to be a showcase of new vision, this government is flying blind. Also, if someone has to keep repeating a promise, that means it is not getting done. Where I come from, both in my family and in my former work experience, this would suggest that there was never any serious intention of doing it anyway. — Belinda Stronach

On the Liberal tax burden:

Those are some of the issues that I have head about, but a big overriding issue is the fact that people are just having a hard time making ends meet. During the election when I knocked on doors I heard that while accountability was the number one overriding issue, I also heard that people just cannot make ends meet any more. They are looking for tax relief so they have enough money in their pockets. — Belinda Stronach