Live blogging the fall of Parliament

Live blogging the fall of government

5:46 pm – As the time ticks down on CPAC, instrumental music is playing and is not dissimilar to the type of music that they’d play at the circus. How fitting.

5:47 pm – Three votes: C-12 Quarantine act, C-9 Economic Development Agency of Canada and Committee Reports No. 13

5:53 pm – Getting under way

5:54 pm – Voting on C-12…

5:59 pm – Conservative MPs are applauding the sick members of their party who showed up to vote as they stand to vote yea on C-12. All parties voted yea except for the Bloc. Cadman is absent. Y – 249, N – 54

6:05 pm – Voting on C-9… Y – 247, N – 54

6:16 pm – Committee Reports No. 13. Here we go!

6:17 pm – Voting on the amendment

6:27 pm – Kilgour votes against. Motion passes 153-150

6:29 pm – Voting now on an amendment… passes 153-150. Kigour voted against.

6:39 pm – Harper calls for the government to resign.

6:41 pm – Harper calls for Martin to make a motion of confidence

6:42 pm – Valeri claims Harper doesn’t know what the motion says

6:44 pm – Duceppe point of order.

6:46 pm – Motion now goes to committee

What now?

UPDATE: Blogging Tory, Monte Solberg, has a better view

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