Conservative strategy

Since Paul Martin sold out to the NDP and their union masters, I’ve been thinking of ways that the Conservative Party can craft their message for the upcoming campaign.

Remember the days post-merger that Conservatives were pasted with those labels such as “Conservative-Alliance”, and “those members opposite in the ‘Reform-Conservatives'”? In fact, it still happens to this day.

But now we can play the same game with the Liberals. The Conservative Party of Canada, its members, strategists, and members should now refer to the Liberal government as the left-wing Liberal government, the NDP-Liberals, the Worker’s Liberal Party etc.

Canadians should not be made to think that this radical shift on the political spectrum is nothing to worry about. There are profound negative consequences to a left-wing government in this country.

There are many centrist voters that were abandoned when the Liberal party shifted to the left. Let’s win those votes by offering Canadians a centre-right government-in-waiting as the do nothing and say anything leftist Liberals sell out any principle to stay in power.

Will it be YOUR job that will lost in that $4.6 Billion business tax relief flip-flop?

Is this country going to lose fiscal sanity to the NDP-Liberals?

Are provinces going to go from fiscal imbalance to fiscal FUBAR under this new left-wing coalition?