Scene from the not too distant future

The National with Peter Mansbridge

Mansbridge: “Tonight! Day 11 of the unwanted election campaign. Some Canadians still say that they aren’t ready for this election. We’ll have reaction from Liberal communications director Scott Reid.”

Reid: “Canadians have been forced to the polls early by Stephen Harper and they are weary of the Conservative hidden agenda on healthcare. Canadians know where Liberals stand on corruption and they know that Paul Martin is sorry. While our agenda on corruption is out in the open, thanks to the work of Judge Gomery, the Conservative agenda remains hidden.”

Mansbridge: “Are Canadians weary of a potential Conservative majority? Will Canadians blame the resurgence of the Quebec sovereignty movement on the Harper government following the demise of the Liberal party in Quebec? We’ll have stock footage of Jean Chretien after the break.”

Mansbridge: “Best buddies… How will a Conservative government align Canadians with the administration of George W. Bush? We go to Neil MacDonald in Washington to speculate on how Canada might find itself aligned with the United States, Israel and the Conservative new world order.”

Mansbridge: “Tomorrow, we’ll have coverage of day 12 of the election that Canadians didn’t want at this time. Thanks for watching.”