To go or not to go?

This is the question that Stephen Harper faced late last night when he received the latest EKOS polling numbers.

From the Toronto Star no less:

Stephen Harper would become PM if vote held today
Liberals in freefall after devastating Gomery testimony

The pollster found that only 25 per cent of respondents nationwide would vote today for the Liberals, compared to 36.2 per cent for the Conservatives.

In Ontario, the Conservatives now lead with 40 per cent of the vote. The Liberals are at 33 per cent.

Stephen Harper will undoubtedly ask himself whether the time is right for Canadians to go to the polls or whether the testimony is only about to get worse. If Harper starts with such a large margin, the election will be his to lose. However, whether you’re wearing partisan blinders or not, it is difficult to see how the Conservatives could lose such a margin given the latest damning testimony coming from the Gomery commission.

The Bloc is ready to go. Will Stephen Harper support their non-confidence motion that is surely coming soon?