Jean Brault testimony continued

Today, former Groupaction chief Jean Brault continued his ‘explosive’ testimony in Montreal. This secret testimony is officially available to reporters only as it is subject to a publication ban imposed by Judge Gomery.

I have also had access to this second day of secret testimony through that American website which cannot be named. The American blogger was on the CBC National tonight and they wouldn’t even name him. The CBC even showed a digitally scrambled image of the blog’s front page.

Gomery secret testimony is the new pornography in Canada.

The only unscrambled image they showed from the blog was the Republican National Convention Official Blogger button that [CENSORED] shows on his website. Is the CBC linking the current attacks on the Liberals to the Republicans? No, that would be silly of course (yeah right). I’m sure they merely were letting the audience know that this mystery American blogger was only one of a few accredited bloggers at the RNC (after all, that’s what I got from it — thanks CBC!)

So, what’s in the secret testimony given on this second day by Jean Brault? Well, details of course, cannot be divulged for fear of being in contempt of court, but it can be safely said that this testimony added a new level of complexity to say, the entire situation at large (how vague…). I will say that this second day of testimony by Jean Brault is about as shocking as the first.

I shouldn’t say anymore because as that old saying goes…

“Loose lips sink ships”