Calling all students…

Would you like to be an intern for the Conservative Party of Canada in Parliament in Ottawa? Are you a student?

The Conservative Party of Canada offers its student members a unique internship opportunity through our Parliamentary Internship Program.

Interns will be given educational, political, and parliamentary staff training while in the program. Students will receive guest lectures from some of the best conservative minds in the country, such as various members of parliament, media consultants, political organizers, campaign managers, and campus club leaders. Interns will have the opportunity to get a hands-on education about governance and politics, all while getting to know fellow conservative youth from across Canada.

While many internships are unpaid, the Conservative Party of Canada Parliamentary Internship Program is a paid internship program. Interns will earn a gross monthly pay of $1500. Additionally, the program will cover the costs of travel to and from Ottawa.

The program runs for four months, from the beginning of May until the end of August, 2005.

Any student registered in a recognized post-secondary institution who is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada is eligible for the CPC Parliamentary Internship Program.

Here’s the application.

If you’d like any further info give Jamie Tronnes (Public Relations Officer –
Office of the Leader of the Opposition) a ring at (613) 944-7375 or preferably an email at

And when this job jumpstarts your political career on the long road to Prime Minister, just remember my name when the Ambassadorship to Bermuda opens up.