Must resist urge to… oh, screw it.

There’s an entertaining blog battle going on between the former PMO Chief of Staff for Chrétien, the former PMO Chief of Staff for Mulroney and Paul Wells. Of course, it’s all public, they’re all bloggers and… listen up, they want us to pay attention to them… now!

Personal correspondance has been posted, threats of political demise have been promised, and of course, legal action has been declared!

Norman Spector, Mulroney’s go-to-guy, posted this article questioning the sponsorship program its effect (or lack of effect) on the Quebec referendum.

This got Warren Kinsella in a huff due to his alleged links (yes, alleged — no slander here) to the whole fiasco and yes, he returned his Warren Wrath to Spector:

“Don’t write to me anymore. As of today, you – and your tenure at PMO and as ambassador – are going to be featured prominently, and regularly, on my website and elsewhere.”

“You want a fight, Norman? You’ve got one. Ask Kim Campbell and Stockwell Day how much they enjoyed being a focus of my attentions.”) — Warren Kinsella

And then Paul Wells weighs in with what the rest of us were thinking:

“Warren Kinsella thinks he beat Kim Campbell and Stockwell Day”

Does Warren Kinsella still have political pull? Is he really claiming victory on Kim Campbell? He promises to focus his acidic attention on Norman Spector, but has he himself, rather, lost his own focus?

Then Warren goes all schoolyard bully and tells Paul that he literally has a big head and airs personal emails from Wells for all the world to see. He also claims that PW wants to score the editor spot at Macleans and implies that he’s got enough pull to make it happen.

Which, of course, leaves me with only one thought on the whole matter…

Damn, it’s still early into 2005 and I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution of ignoring Kinsella’s attempts to give himself cheap publicity through his empty threats of litigation and childish name-calling.

So, in summary… Warren Kinsella is up to his old “look at me” routine. Nothing to see here… move along.