CBC finally gets RSS feed

cbc-logo.jpgI don’t know the exact date that this happened but CBC.ca has finally joined up with the rest of the online and syndicated world and has started to offer its news in RSS format. All of the good stuff is there including Canadian, International and local news (including Toronto, Ottawa and even the North – you can now get news updates from Iqaluit as it happens)

RSS is syndicated content that is easily read by a news reader and thus notifies you whenever new content is posted… think of instant messaging meets news.

Ahem, this would be a good time to plug my own RSS feed.

I sent CBC news an email asking for the service back in the summer and received this reply:

Following your request, it is impossible to send you any RSS feed due to our strict policy. We understand your point, but we do not send it to particulars. We hope this will answer your questions

I guess that either enough people asked for it or enough of their staff were already receiving RSS content from the New York Times or CNN… which reminds me of a tour I took of the CBC newsroom a couple of years ago… I asked a staffer where CBC gets most of their news to which she replied, “We watch CNN a lot”