More Greatest Canadian Silliness

Matt Fletcher over at Living In A Society notes that the current standings for the CBC’s Greatest Canadian contest stands as follows:

1. Tommy Douglas
2. Terry Fox
3. Pierre Trudeau

The prominence of Tommy Douglas might have something to do with the following email which I received from the NDP (I’m on every party’s mailing list so that I can keep up with everyone’s silliness):

(my emphasis in bold, snide comments in italics)

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Today (October 20, 2004) is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tommy Clement Douglas. He was born in Falkirk, Scotland.

Tommy Douglas was Premier of Saskatchewan (1944-1961); the first federal leader of the New Democratic Party (1961-1971); and a Member of Parliament for the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (1935-1944) and the New Democratic Party (1962-1968, and 1968-1979).

His accomplishments well known by most Canadians, including being the father of Medicare. The Saskatchewan medicare program was actually launched by Douglas’ successor Woodrow Lloyd in 1962

This week, the CBC has started its contest to select “The Greatest Canadian” and Tommy Douglas has been nominated. The program and contest feature Douglas and nine other Canadians. Six weeks from now, one of them will be named “The Greatest Canadian.” The episode highlighting Tommy’s life, hosted by MuchMusic’s George Stroumboulopoulos aired on Monday, October 18th. It will be rebroadcast on CBC Newsworld at 7pm ET on October 23rd. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 29 at 8pm ET on the CBC.

That’s all good and good but what can we do to pay hommage to the one known as Tommy?

The CBC vote is a great opportunity for all New Democrats to mark the anniversary of the birth of Tommy Douglas. And to entrench social democratic values as the greatest “Canadian” values. It will also give Jack Layton something to talk about for about… forever.

> [Click here to] Vote for Tommy Douglas as “The Greatest Canadian” (link omitted)

NDP Launches “US Election Night Meet Ups” – November 2

Planning on watching the US election results on Tuesday, November 2? Why not watch with fellow New Democrats in your local area? Today, the NDP launched “US Election Night Meet Ups.” It’s a great opportunity to get together with like-minded Canadians and have some fun. (However hive-minded the NDP is, John Kerry does not espouse their views as they may think because the Massachusetts senator is against gay marriage, voted for the war in Iraq, and is against economic development in 3rd world nations)

Final word: I don’t mind being a symbol but I don’t want to become a monument. There are monuments all over the Parliament Buildings and I’ve seen what the pigeons do to them. — Tommy Douglas — Leader of Canada’s NDP 1961-1971

Everytime I get an email from the NDP, I get all teary eyed.

This whole contest is turning into an exercise in media manipulation (we got Don Cherry nominated after all) for the purpose of political bonus points. If you must vote for somebody based upon a policy program, either vote for Tommy Douglas because of the idea for socialized healthcare, vote for Pierre Trudeau for the National Energy Program, or vote for John A. MacDonald for this wonderful idea and confederation we call Canada.

Or please vote for Terry Fox, the most heroic Canadian example of excruciatingly painful altuistic sacrifice. If Terry Fox should win, it will be based upon his merit as the greatest Canadian that ever lived and he will accomplish this feat without any political party behind him shamelessly trying to score validation points.

UPDATE (Oct 29th): The NDP is still at it. I just got another email:

Tommy Needs Your Vote: The Greatest Canadian

Did you know that you can vote for Tommy as “The Greatest Canadian” after each and every episode? That’s right. You can vote for Tommy more than once – but you can only do so after each episode. They’re not going to quit are they? The show airs every Monday and Wednesday, (except Nov 1 st) at 8 pm local time on the main CBC network. The results will be aired on Monday, November 29.

> [Click here to] Vote for Tommy as “The Greatest Canadian” (link omitted)