Should the bench be accountable?

Today, two boys reacted angrily as a judge sentenced their adoptive parents to a mere 9 months in prison (eligible for parole after 3 months) for tethering the boys in cages for the first 13 years of their lives.

They were kept in diapers because they couldn’t get to the washroom, subjected to rectal examinations and regularly beaten with a variety of household implements.

Court heard the boys lived in such fear that they ate their own feces to hide evidence of accidents and, deprived of water, felt compelled to drink their own urine.

This judge felt it adequate to hand down a 9 month sentence for perhaps one of the most bizarre child abuse cases ever heard in the courtrooms of this country.

Perhaps judges should be accountable to the people whom they represent. The Crown has not ruled out an appeal of the judge’s ruling, yet I find the poor judgment and absolute power of this unelected ‘representative’ to be a flaw in our justice system.