We interrupt politics to bring you hockey, sort of

It seems that both the Conservatives and the Liberals, like most of us outside of Calgary, are jumping on the Calgary Flames bandwagon. I, for one, can include myself in this group of fans eager to see Lord Stanley’s Cup returned home for the first time in 11 years. A solid performance by the Flames was cheered by all tonight as they confidently pummeled the Lightning 4-1.

My favourite political laugh of the day came from, of all place, the San Francisco Chronicle:

Calgary Flames President Ken King’s cell phone rang in the final minutes of the playoff-series clincher over the Sharks. He was told it was Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, calling to congratulate the first Canadian team to make the Stanley Cup Finals in a decade. According to the Canadian Press, King responded, “Yeah, I’m Daffy Duck and I’ve got a hockey game to watch here,” and hung up. (The PM did call back.)

Ahem, we now return you to regularly scheduled Stanley Cup Final (and politicizing thereof)