Greatest Canadian silliness

While watching the hockey playoffs on CBC, like most of us, I’ve seen ads for CBC’s “Greatest Canadian” where viewers get to go to CBC’s website and nominate their choice for which canuck they deem most worth for this honour. It’s Ra Ra Canada as usual and while I have become desensitized to CBC’s ‘projects’ the television got my attention when, during one of the commercials, a couple is arguing whether the Greatest Canadian is indeed Rocket Richard or René Lévesque.

René Lévesque?

They must have had a good laugh over at the CBC for throwing this inflammatory name into the mix. While people such as Laura Secord or Billy Bishop, fought for this country, Lévesque fought to break it up.

Or is the mere mention of Lévesque as a contender enough to goad Canadians into voting for somebody more worthy? If so, good job CBC.

So, to equate silliness with silliness, those of us in the Canadian political blogosphere have encouraged our readers to nominate Don Cherry as the Greatest Canadian (see our little tongue-in-cheek ploy here and here). I wonder what the CBC would do then, after refusing to renew Don Cherry’s contract.

The voting process isn’t audited… so easy money on Pierre Trudeau.