Liberal Lawn Signs

Here’s what the new Liberal lawn signs are going to look like

(Thanks Warren!)

Now, of course, an election is only a “rumour”. However, Richard Mahoney, the Liberal candidate featured on the lawn sign above, is set to run in the Ottawa-Centre by-election on November 29th. The election date for Ottawa-Centre has been declared, so this allows us a sneak peek at the Liberal lawn signs.

First Impressions? The Liberal strategists, as I’ve said before, are pushing “Team Martin”.

Liberal? No! It’s Team Martin!

Has “Liberal” become such a bad word in the mouths of Canadians that even the Liberals are ashamed to identify themselves as such? Will the Liberal/Team Martin candidates be running on the Liberal record or the Paul Martin record or aren’t the two one and the same?

Sadly, I feel that this election is going be about the ‘cult of the leader’; It’s Paul Martin vs. the Harper-MacKay ticket vs. Jack “the shin bruiser” Layton. Personalities over policies… how sad.

Paul Martin will be saying “Look at me, I’m cleaning up Ottawa”. Stephen Harper will, at least, be attacking the Liberal team for making the mess and Jack Layton will be figuring out clever and catchy ways of articulating his classic rhetoric.

The Conservatives will do well to campaign as a team instead of solely as Stephen Harper. The leadership bids of Tony Clement and Belinda Stronach were able to cast a larger net over the minds of Canadians. If we push our team as the unified party, we will capture the interest of more Canadians. This strategy will stand in stark comparison to “Team Martin”, which is an ironic term in itself; if the Liberals were a team, they would be referred to as the Liberal party.