Liberals have a new logo

The Liberals are desperately trying to reinvent themselves. The obvious programme of Liberal “renewal” is in full gear this week as Sheila Copps and Steve Mahoney were recently jettisoned from the sputtering Liberal machine. In fact, the mumblings within the Liberal camp have pointed out that the upcoming election is going to be about nothing else except for Paul Martin, Paul Martin, Paul Martin. Nevermind what party he’s running for, it’s all about Paul. Indeed, the Liberal Party of Canada is trying to reinvent itself as the Paul Martin Party of Canada. They’ll ask us to forget the Sponsorship Scandal, Swawinigate, and the HRDC and gun registry boondoggles. Forget VIA Rail, Canada Post and the corrupting of the RCMP. From western alienation to the self-destruction of our military: please remember, it’s all about Paul now.

So, how fitting for the Liberal Party to cap off such an interesting week of purgings by purging the old logo. The new logo falls short of my expectations, but setting aside my obvious bias, I don’t believe that this new image will help the Liberal Party.

The most striking difference is the new font of the logo. It appears as if someone has taken a big bite out of the “b”. Is this indicative of the faltering support for the party? My favorite feature is the leaf/arch over the “era”. This stylistic feature makes it appear as if Canadian popular support is setting like the sun over the Liberal era. Poetic isn’t it?

I hope that the Liberals don’t believe that Canadians will be fooled by a revamped image of the Liberal Party of Canada. The only thing that will save that party from a thrashing in the next general election is the absolute truth, yet it is unlikely that they will find it vindicating.