Student entitlement tour coming to a city near you

Looks like the Quebec student protesters want to reach out and disrupt a class near you. From, we learn of a cross-country speaking tour featuring CLASSE activists. Yes, here comes the whine and the fanciful marxist bleatings. is very pleased to announce a cross-Canada speaking tour which will start at the end of this month and continue into the first week of October. We’re also incredibly thankful to the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union (CEP), Ryerson’s Social Justice Week and LeadNow for their support.
It will feature Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the former spokesperson for CLASSE. The most public and visible representative of a leaderless movement, Nadeau-Dubois has been at the eye of the hurricane since the beginning of the strike. He will be joined by Cloé Zawadzki-Turcotte, a former member of CLASSE’s Executive and a key organizer behind the strike who is in fact currently on a tour in the Maritimes, and yours truly.
We’ll be talking about what happened in Quebec, but also how the hard-earned lessons of the longest student strike in Canadian history can be applied to organizing across the country. We hope to be able to build bridges of solidarity with movements in other parts of Canada, ties that are critical to mounting a truly national movement against Stephen Harper and austerity.
The dates which have been confirmed are as follows — with likely at least a couple more locations to confirm in the next few days — but it will depend on local partners and our ability to raise funds.
September 29th – London, ON
September 30th – Toronto
October 1st – Ryerson (Toronto) – Nadeau-Dubois will be joining the closing panel of Social Justice Week
October 2nd – Saskatoon and Regina
October 3rd – Winnipeg
October 4th – Victoria and Vancouver Island
October 5th – Vancouver
We hope you’ll join us at one of these locations, to hear war stories and learn about CLASSE’s tactics and strategies, to understand the real story behind the media spin that came out of Quebec this year, and to meet these two incredible young people who I truly believe represent some of the best and brightest their generation has to offer.



  • wow


  • Brian Benoit

    Wish they’d leave their drama in Quebec !!

  • Plattytalk

    They seem to have missed Alberta, guess they would rather not have their (CL)Asses handed to them.

  • Anonymous

    What … these best and brightest their generation has to offer are skipping over the economic engine of Canada … Alberta ? Don’t they know where the jobs are ? And the prosperity is ? And the opportunities are ? Guess not. Because the best and brightest their generation has to offer live in Alberta.

  • liz J

    What a pathetic pack of boors, I know a veteran who could tell them some real war stories.

  • Anonymous

    For those who understand French … a great interview by Richard Martineau of Télé-Québec’s Les francs-tireurs with former Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard, especially at the 18:25 mark (approx.).
    It shows Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois at his ‘persuasive’ and ‘reasonable’ best.
    Bouchard states: “Le gouvernement doit savoir dire “non” à la rue.” (Government must know how to say “no” to the street)

  • Canadian Rattlesnake

    They wouldn’t be able to get jobs anyway, with their Women’s Studies and History of Political Philosophy degrees (well, I guess they actually have to go to class to get degrees). Oh wait, everyone who wants one can get a job in Alberta. I guess, since they don’t want jobs, they’re right at home in Quebec where the government pays them not to work (and they’ll still protest it).

  • DougM

    War stories? ROFLMAO! As if any of these entitled little pukes would ever go to war! Perhaps if they had gone to classes they would understand the difference between a war and a whine.

  • Anonymous

    Hey we get it. You got oil. We’re happy for you. Really.

  • Ecological Collectivism

    Yes they skipped over Alberta. Why go to a province which is so uncritical and politically disengaged that it would elect the same political party since 1971? Yet what would you expect from a province whose main political philosophical premises are based in greed, narcissism and the supremacy of the individual over the collective. Within this philosophy why care about collective governance when you have guns? Why care that the oil companies are fleecing your province blind of its oil wealth? Your an individual. You don’t care about the people around you. Fuck them. I graduated with a degree in English and (surprise) I make $62,000 a year. But it all goes to servicing my debt or paying to live. Sadly I don’t even buy that oil you keep shoving down our throats. My salary in no way supports economic expansion because debt servicing is dead money. It produces nothing. In other-words, since I am forced into an individualist relationship through an economically entitled oligarchy who believe it is their right to narcissistically horde capital and progress this view through the political and media system that they own.