Pat Martin apologizes to Racknine

APOLOGY on Behalf of Patrick Martin and the NDP to Mr. Matt Meier and RackNine Inc.

On February 23, 2012, I appeared before the national media to speak in response to the important issue of “Robocalls” in the 2011 general election. At that time I expressed my personal outrage along with the outrage of the caucus of the official opposition upon learning about the serious allegations of electoral fraud.

In making my statement on February 23, 2012, I singled out a private individual, Mr. Matt Meier along with his business RackNine Inc. and I wrongfully accused them of being part of a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud. In the days following, I repeated this accusation a number of times to the media and on national television. My party, the NDP, also raised concerns about the possibility of RackNine having committed electoral fraud through postings on its website. The NDP indicated on the party website that if news reports that seemed to draw a link between the calls and RackNine were true, these activities were prohibited by the Canada Elections Act and merited investigation.

I now know that the statements I made insinuating Mr. Meier’s and RackNine’s participation in an electoral fraud conspiracy were wholly and unequivocally false. In my rush to express my personal outrage and the outrage of the NDP caucus, I jumped to conclusions I now know are unsupported by fact. I would like to take this opportunity to correct several of my errors in order to clear Mr. Meier’s personal reputation along with the business reputation of RackNine.

1. To my knowledge, neither Mr. Meier, nor RackNine, including any employees of RackNine, has ever been investigated for involvement in electoral fraud in the 2011 general election or otherwise.

2. RackNine provides a legitimate automated call service similar to services used by many political parties.

3. RackNine was merely an innocent intermediary not a participant in electoral fraud.

I apologize for any damage my statements may have caused to Mr. Meier personally or to RackNine, and I have been specifically authorized by the NDP to apologize on behalf of the NDP for any similar damage the publications on the NDP website may have caused.

It appears that Racknine is still proceeding with their lawsuit against Pat Martin.



  • Anonymous

    Sue the NDP COMMUNISTS Out of Business. Their Crooked & Hateful ways are well documented

  • Anonymous

    I would like to take this opportunity to correct several of my errors in order to save my a$$. There, fixed it for you Pat.

  • Bec

    The problem remains the length of time that it took this man and his NDP party to parle this little whimper.
    Meanwhile his straight out of the gate with sledgehammer like statements about this young business man’s business were at warp speed.

    I hope Racknine keeps this loudmouth in full panic mode for months and big cash is recognized. It’s hard to know what will, if ever make this guy think before he opens his mouth but if this starts that process it will be a fantastic side effect.

  • Liz J

    Martin arrogantly took his sweet time to issue an apology which really wasn’t about the fact he really is sorry but rather to save his own hide. It’s too little too late may be what he’ll be finding out in due course.

  • Geraldmcgarrigle

    He states that RackNine was merely an innocent intermediary not a participant in electoral fraud.He’s still saying that there was electoral fraud,and he still mentions the RackNine name,so people will still believe that they were involved.He should have said that Poutine may be an NDPPQ,and then it may have been more of an apology.If I was RackNine I would never ever let him off the hook,as we and RackNine know that Martin is a belligerent big mouth person that’s got away with saying anything he wants,and getting away with it.We all know his true feelings,as we see it everyday in Question Period,and on the scrums.

  • Anonymous

    Racknine says a little too late the lawsuit go ahead…..

  • bill holden

    Racknine is in Edmonton, and the provincial election is almost over here.  They may have missed out on untold business because this affair tainted them as “damaged goods”.   Dr. Martin’s delay in apologising caused damage to Mr. Meier’s business, and the only question is how do you quantify the amount?

  • Philip Qua

    So when is the CPC going to apologize for deleting information from the CIMS database that would have uncovered the identity of Pierre Poutine?

  • ShawnC

    I’m surprised that Pat Martin could complete two sentences without swearing

  • Anonymous

    the only question is how do you quantify the amount

    Easy. You find out how much robocalling was bought by Wildrose and of that how much was spent at Racknine. Anything less than 99% would be loss. (heh)

    It’s public knowledge that Meier is a right-wing supporter, which might discourage the other parties from patronizing him anyway.

  • Anonymous

     There is evidence in the hands of EC that some robocalls were fr4udulent or improper, and apparently some of these messages were sent via Racknine, so those facts are not libelous.

    We will hopefully know more when the investigation is concluded.