We hear rumours…

some good, some bad…

This rumour came in via Twitter:

InfluenceComm (Jean-François Dumas): RUMOUR IN THE MEDIA: resignation of PM (Harper) next week.

Is the source credible? Who is Jean-François Dumas? What is InfluenceComm?

From Marketing Magazine, February 23rd, 1998:

The CBC has preliminary audience numbers for its Olympics coverage. On Monday, Feb. 9, an average 1.48 million Canadians watched prime time coverage. That peaked at 1.77 million between 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. On Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1.66 million watched from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.; that number jumped to 2.33 million from 9:30 p.m. to midnight, peaking at 3.05 million between 10:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. That night the International Olympic Committee stripped snowboarder Ross Rebagliati of his gold medal.

The Royal Bank and AT&T have formed the first Canadian alliance between a bank and a long-distance company. Connect@work combines Internet access with on-line banking. It debuted Feb. 9, and it’s only available to businesses banking with Royal. Jo-Anne Wade, manager for E-Commerce marketing at the Royal Bank, says that demand for this type of service is increasing: “There is a growing number of small businesses getting onto the Web,” she says. “This is designed to make it easier for them.”

Montreal’s Groupaction/JWT has created an agency-within-an-agency with GroupaXion New Media, headed by Jean-Francois Dumas. It offers planning and creative services for clients such as the Treasury Board of Canada, showing them how to use technologies including the Internet, intranets, Web sites, debit cards and CD-ROMs for promotional purposes.

Shell Canada Products Ltd., a subsidiary of Shell Canada, is the official sponsor of Ted and Tony’s Inside Track,”the most watched automotive information program” in Canada, Shell says. A survey of 1997

Groupaction… where have we heard that name before?

From the Gomery inquiry documentation:

Mr. J. Brault and his wife, Ms Joane Archambault, started Groupaction Marketing Inc. (“Groupaction”) in 1982.

The main operating companies were:

a) Groupaction Marketing – the primary advertising and marketing
company; and

b) Alléluia Design (“Alléluia”) – a company operating in the field of
artistic and graphic design.

In November 1997 Groupaxion Nouveaux Médias (“Groupaxion”) was
incorporated to operate in the fields of interactive media and web sites.

GroupaXion New Media was owned by Jean Brault and headed up by Jean-Francois Dumas. Now, a man named Jean-Francois Dumas runs a Montreal new media firm called Influence Communication and he’s starting the spread of a rumour on Twitter about the Prime Minister resigning.

C’est intéressant, non?



  • http://blog.ederek.net dbo789

    Intéressant? Oui. Mais vrai? Je ne pense pas. La question est pourquoi maintenant? S'il veut démissionner, pourquoi ne pas attendre jusqu'à la prochaine élection? C'est un canular. C'est tout.

  • MrEd256

    in the case of la bel provance it's more like 3-4 every minute

  • wilson

    LOL, yah right.
    PMSH would step down , then a new CPC leader has 15 minutes as PM before the coalition of losers bring down the government.
    Prime Minister Harper has alot to 'see done' before he vacates the chair.
    Appoint a slug of Conservative Senators.
    Vancouver Olympics
    Bring home our brave troops
    THEN, he may be ready to step aside.

  • Liz J

    Now that's a wishful thinking rumour from certain quarters where there is little hope of an easy ride with PM Stephen Harper.

    BTW, what's Denis Coderre doing for the summer? Is he into weenie roasts or more inclined to duke it out with Le grand fromage of the Bloc?

  • MrEd256

    now we know why it's called twitter….drop the ter and it says it all… “twit”

  • Bec

    Naw, isn't true because we aren't into APPOINTING new leaders. Enough said.

  • MrEd

  • MrEd

  • http://bcinto.blogspot.com/ BCer in Toronto

    If you really want to impress me, link it back to Kevin Bacon in six moves or less.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor


    Jean-Francois Dumas worked for a company owned by Jean Brault. Jean Brault did some “work” for Jean Chretien's Liberal Party. The Liberal Party is now run by Michael Ignatieff who appeared in a film called Antonia and Jane (1991) with Allan Corduner who was in the Imposters in 1998 with Oliver Platt who was in the 2008 movie Frost/Nixon with Kevin Bacon.

  • http://blog.ederek.net dbo789

    I'm not sure whether to be impressed or slightly scared at how you managed that.

  • Alberta Girl

    I'd be impressed – holy crap Steve – that was good.

  • http://bcinto.blogspot.com/ BCer in Toronto

    Well played, sir. And the power of Kevin Bacon lives on.

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  • Omanator

    This is more than just wishfull thinking. They are trying to make the public belive this nonsense.
    The only insurance I have,that the public is more savy than they think, is the fact the internet and youtube is bursting with congratulatory comments to Steven Harper.

  • max191

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