• mark

    uh-oh game changer!

  • Michael Fox

    EVERYBODY needs to see this.

  • Michael Fox

    PS – even if you gave him another chance to answer, he couldn't. Because there was nothing he could have done.

  • http://www.bloggingtories.ca ferrethouse

    The Liberals desperately tried to get them not to show this because they knew how damaging it would be. They wanted to hide the truth from Canadians.

  • Pocketfisherman

    Oh snap!

  • Babylonian


  • Rob

    So…do you get to start the “figurative” tape again as Prime Minister?

    “No, no…I don't like the carbon tax now…let's start again…”

  • Colin

    This is like a soothing balm to my soul!!

  • anon

    We'll see how much traction this gets in the MSM, apart from CTV and Duffy.

    If Dion didn't understand the question, as he claimed in the second take, then why did he answer it initially? It was worded exactly the same the second time. With that fact, how dare ANYBODY in the MSM suggest that this is a language issue. (note: just heard Mansbridge on The National chalk it up to a language issue … so there you go! I'll have to see how the “At Issues” panel in minutes analyzes this… if Mansbridge brings it up with them)

    Yep! Not only has the slide ended, but this, I predict, will give the Tories a huge bump in the polls, and at a perfect time, just 5 days before voting day. The ads raising doubts about Dion as a leader were good, but this will

    And good on Mr. Harper for making a comment and taking no questions. You know the throng of these Liberal-sympathizing reporters were furious with him and this latest development. The cheerleading was going so well for them up until now.

    Also, I wonder if the Liberals will attempt to turn the channel on this by borrowing a page from the '97 campaign, saying that Harper is attacking Dion for being a Quebec politician.

  • Glenn

    This is very serious! We have Dion who wants to be Prime Minister of English Canada as well as French Canada, and he is unable to understand a simple question? All Canadians should be demanding to have this video clip played on all national news casts so that all Canadians can witness first hand how dangerous Dion's limited understanding can be.


  • Matthew

    Wow. I can't even find joy in watching that….even as a Conservative. I literally stopped watching half way through…damn that's painful.

  • Chris

    This has hit the globe now:


  • xpdoug

    Well, I saw and heard it and still can't believe it. Matthew stole my thunder. It was a painful experience watching this and I felt very bad for Dion who, we all can agree, is a decent guy.
    The water in the pool is just too darn deep for him.
    On another topic: How about this phrase: “Prime Minister Dion with Bob Rae as finance minister” ?? If the sound of that doesn't strike terror into your heart then there is no hope.

  • Nicola Timmerman

    I have to saw I often hear Dion using phrases and words in English that he would never use as someone who is not perfectly bilingual. In other words he has been fed lines and has memorized talking points written by others. He is like a talking doll – you pull the string and a phrase comes out. But this time the question was a bit like those jumbled letters you have to type to prove that your comment is from a real person.

    Basically he wouldn't do anything really different from Harper and so couldn't answer.

  • http://www.wernerpatels.com Werner Patels

    Is this the kind of fool you want as a PM? Can you imagine what wars (literally!) he could start when meeting with foreign heads of state and government?

    Let's face it: Dion is an embarrassment for the Liberal Party and for Canada.

  • http://www.wernerpatels.com Werner Patels

    Having it on Mike Duffy is good enough — that's pretty much all the MSM exposure this sorry display of Dion requires to spread the word.

  • Roberto

    Overtures, guard the lights, this is it , the night of nights, no more rehearsing, or nursing our parts, we know every part by heart!!!!!! (well sort of) good try Stephanie. What a maroon. Awh say! Awh say! your lips are a flappin, but you are not comprehending the question BOY!!!!

  • VanIslander

    First of all, definite kudos to ATV for airing it in the first place – we all know that almost all msm outlets would have burned the film as the Liberals requested.

    Regan trying to pass that off as a “hearing impairment” is such total bs and it was pretty obvious to me he didn't even believe it himself. I was a bit disappointed (but not really surprised) that CTV/Duffy ran the piece with “Campaign exhaustion?” in large bold type on the screen like they are making an excuse for Dion's total lack of basic comprehension.

  • Liz J

    The fact the Liberals requested this not be shown, the local media agreed but the network decided to show it is rather revealing. The Liberals are used to getting their way with the media who act as their Puffins, hiding their poop. Big shock to Jeff Reagan, he was purposely speechless. Looks good on them.
    This is in the interest of the whole country, people have a right to know when a person is not able to communicate for whatever reason. Politics is all about communication. Dion is in over his head.

  • sss

    Only Taories are in crisis mode. Everone else is out looking for baraigns in the markets!!

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    Oh super snap!

  • mmb

    This little gem did not make it to CTV National news with Lloyd Robertson. All of Canada needs to see this, but CTV is still protecting Dion. One has to wonder how much of this goes on in the MSM

  • Janet

    Wow! I don't see what hearing has to do with it as Regan suggests. Mr. Dion started to answer the question initially, stumbled badly and then asked to start the interview again, and again. Obviously he's forgotten the party line already.

  • RGM

    Wow. The failed attempts were bad enough, but the actual answer is even worse in that it reveals that Dion hasn't got a clue about how to handle a multi-billion dollar economy. It was Martin-esque in its grandiose call to do everything, and thus, do nothing.

  • Stephane

    This is unfair.

  • Phil Hauser

    How in name of hell is this not on CTV's own election website?

  • anon

    The CBC is in damage control mode. Nothing at cbcnews.ca (it's 10:47PM EDT now). But I did find this story… and what's most striking is the timestamp…

    Last Updated: Thursday, October 9, 2008 | 9:44 PM ET

    Compare that to the G&M's story and its timestamp…

    Jane Taber
    Globe and Mail Update
    October 9, 2008 at 9:18 PM EDT

    So what are we to conclude from this? That instead of posting something on this Dion gaffe, the CBC chose to use that time to update an older story… predictably one that is slanted to favour Dion.

  • Liz J

    If the networks don't want to show this why couldn't it be used as an ad ? His garbling about 30/50 was pathetic as well.
    This is serious stuff, it could be the answer to Bob Rae's prayers! Whatever, Dion is not fit to govern.

  • Phil Hauser

    A Green party candidate withdraws and endorses Liberal in Quebec


    Appears the “deal” is starting to unfold OUTRAGEOUS

  • Phil Hauser

    A Green party candidate withdraws and endorses Liberal in Quebec


    Appears the “deal” is starting to unfold OUTRAGEOUS

  • Andrew

    What comes to mind are the immortal words of a particular wascally wabbit “What a maroon!”

  • Rav



    Dion’s done. He’s going to get hammered in English Canada with this. Kind of ironic how he kept criticizing Harper over the last week but couldn’t say what he would do.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    I read in the Metro News about how Dion got asked about the Bank Act and said a few things that indicated that he really didn't understand it or know what he was talking about.

    Looks like it is getting a lot of traffic on youtube if not in the MSM. What a surprise!

  • argee

    Say good night Citoyen, you are toast, and this happened in my neck of the woods. The maritimes comes through again, never underestimate us…..Ah well, back to the single malt…..argee

  • Casual Observer

    It's about bloody time the media asked dion that question, what the hell took them so long? they should have been asking him and Layton, from the first day they started yelling about Harper to “do something”. No point asking Layton now, because his war room will be feverishly up all night preparing a response – probably Googling “what to do when you have a world financial crisis”.

    I'm so glad this video is being played by some MSM, it is absolutely imperative that Canadians get to see it before election day.

  • Mackenzie Gans

    Great job Stephen…you did it again!

  • Mr Lahey

    Roberto, good Looney Tunes references..As a trailerpark boys fan, i prefer the shit anolgies…
    1) he looked like he was trying to climb up a shit rope
    2) shitliner just came into port

    I am actually starting to feel sorry for him

  • Rav






  • http://rightfromalberta.blogspot.com Reid

    I can’t believe people are willing to vote for someone to be the Prime Minister of Canada, someone who’s going to negotiate with world leaders on our behalf, who can’t understand what people are saying to him.

  • Beer and Popcorn

    I think we need to get more details behind Dion's plan – maybe Jaqueline Thorpe or some sharpie from the Post can get his views on the Fed's action on liquidity. The writers who have been sitting on their pens and the interviewers who have been using their kid Liberal gloves have been exposed. If they had asked the questions they would have known that he didn't understand (you can tell by the words he uses – Jack doesn't get it either)

    I didn't understand that the 30 days was to get these two up to speed that banks loan out the money that they take in as deposits..

  • Proud Canadian

    Liz J

    “This is in the interest of the whole country, people have a right to know when a person is not able to communicate for whatever reason. Politics is all about communication.”

    Since the conservatives were elected, why has Harpers team not been able to openly speak? If Harper wins this election ( not likely now with his continued indifference shown towards mainstream Canadians), eventually his team will tire of his monopoly. You know what happens to a puck hog on a hockey team. He's the ultimate puck hog.

  • Glenn

    Anyone who is genuinely concerned about Dion's obvious lack of cognitive ability in English should contact their local talk show host to seek their analysis on this video clip. This could force some in the MSM to deal with this issue. For example, Bill Carol on CFRB in Toronto has been emailed.

  • chris

    It will unfortunately change nothing … the MSM will not give it any more coverage and have already chose instead to focus on the bill for Afghanistan … it is pathetic! And the fact that it is on this blog site will change little as it is just preaching to the choir

  • paulsstuff

    I give up. What’s a Taories

  • BCVoiceOfReason

    Just saw “at Issue” -

    No talk on the Dion gaffe/brain freeze/deafness/not understanding English.
    No talk about the Green party supporting Liberals – The death of he Green party? The underhanded schemes foisted on Canadians to have an extra voice piling on Harper in the debates.
    No talk of bringing back PM Adscam.

    With these 3 major events happening on the same day it will be hard to identify the turning point of the election. I guess the “at issue” panel will be shocked with the shift in the last 5 days of the election.

    I thought earlier in the day Harper saying PM Dion would bring back more than iteda few votes when it sinks in that they might realy be Green-shifted and have more than Puffin poo dropped on their shoulders.

  • Dean

    Either Dion gets hammered over this or the MSM. I would prefer both. We can't let this slide. Someone just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar…ready to take the heat Mansbridge and company or will you serve up Dion on a silver platter.

  • D Soulis

    Stephane Deon says Mr. Harper is offering too little too late yet Mr. Deon appears to be unprepared and out of touch with Canadians, he demonstrates that he and his party were unprepared for this election and to assume control of our country. His party should be required to frist repay Canadians the unpaid outstanding funds Jean Cretien spent in the Ad Scam and assist the RCMP with information to lead to Mr. Chretien’s being charged personally that needs to include cash reinbursement as well as imprisonment to sent an example to future leaders. The Liberals robbed workers of EI benefits with premiums funneled into other programs and paying down the national debt, which it is a good thing however workers and employers contributing EI are paying twice as much or more than all other Canadians and non-contributing employers.

    Not one party has yet stepped forward to say they will ensure EI premiums willl be paid to a crown entity, all funds used to provide equal beneifits to those with involuntary loss of employment, maximum premiums and maximum insured earnings will be eliminated, all earned income will be insured and the Human Resources Department no longer manage these premiums. Futher, those drawing EI annually, be limited to draw only 90% of what they contributed in the previuos 12 months while full time employees benefits be calcualted based upon length of employment withoujt interuption, income lost due ot involuntary loss of employment, etc.

  • aek

    Canadian voters need to see this shocking video.

    Stéphane Dion and this Liberal cohorts are either incompetent in economic policy, national leadership and judgment to govern Canada, or Dion has a fundamental lack of comprehension in one of the Official Languages of Canada.

    I think the most logical explanation is his incompetence to govern.


  • Al

    TELL EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nastyboy

    This video willl go viral on it's own. The PM and CPC should stay above the fray. The CPC should be going after the libs for flip flopping on the Green Shift. Dion says it won't be delayed, Ignatieff says it will due to the economy. Which is it?