• Bec

    MSM is NOT picking this up. Have checked and it so far will be local stuff.
    CTV was so bad that I was yawning 3 times trying to be sure.
    Have tried to get it on the home page of ATV hours ago and they are not playing it…..I am hoping for local. This is going to get buried as usual and so I ask why? I must commend all of my fellow commentators…..you all showed compassion to this situation……we are the ones with some sole and integrity. They have none and that scares the crap out of me!

  • Timwest

    Funny how the MSM had no problems playing over and over Harpers remarks ……………..

    Some good buys in the stock market, Duffy or head commie Mansbridge never said maybe harper is
    tired from tons of campaigning.

    MSM = Lib mouth piece.

  • Phillip Huggan

    I’m fairly confident Dion’s IQ is about 5 pts higher than Harper’s.
    Conservatives have a cripple as an MP for St James in Wpg. He is fat. Should we allow minorities to be PM? Women? This isn’t spin. It’s truth. We aren’t a nuclear power and don’t have a large military. Can someone point out to me how in the real world a hearing disorder will be injurious to Canada? When won’t there be time to rephrase the question? Americans had Alzheimer R.Reagan almost start WWIII with NATO exercises.

    I understand the juvenile spin: Dion is stupid. But seriously, does this disorder exempt a potential PM from the job? If so, why is Stephen Fletcher an MP?

  • Phillip Huggan

    Dion gets the interpretation correct “if I were elected PM 2.5 years ago?”, Duffy dismisses this (implying an incorrect interpretation by Dion) and reasks “no, if you were PM now”. Duffy is dishonest and Dion is maybe too passive for not correcting Duffy, or too untrusting of his own english in not correcting Duffy's semantics game. Duffy might have been able to catch Dion offguard. Then Harper has a Kim Campbell moment.
    The CPC was genuinely tolerant in 2006. It isn't now; ask Quebec. Why even bother running minorities or women?

  • You couldn't make it up

    Absolutely incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

    Likewise Mr Reagan's peformance. Does Mr Dion have a hearing impediment ? Mr Reagan apparently does when it suits him.

    Oh dear. I feel embarresed for Mr Dion. He should retire after this election. Stephen Harper is the only option and I feel the Canadian voter will return him office, however reluctant they might me.

  • Dave in Ottawa

    As intelligent as Mr Dion may be, his main problem might be that his mind is totally stuck on his Green Shift Carbon Tax plan. Mr Dion hasn't seemed to have much trouble understanding English questions in any of the media scrums, previous interviews, nor in the English language debate. The ballot day choices are between the safe, sound and stable performance of the Harper Conservatives, OR one of a wide selection of socialist and/or activist types of individuals with no concept of what goes on beyond their pet project(s), most of which are related to increased taxes and increased spending and absurd environmental rescue schemes.

  • East of Eden

    Dion understood the question, that much is obvious. But, then he tried to pull a fast one after the interviewer specifically said 'today' by pretending to not understand the 'when'. Now, given that Garth Turner is always trumpeting democracy and truth, he absolutely must come out and speak against his party for asking that the interview not be broadcast as this would be hiding the truth; a request which violates the basic principle of his much-heralded democracy. Given that Garth works for his people and NEVER for his party, as he so demonstrated when he was a CPC, I would call upon him to denounce this request. I know that Garth has no compunction when it comes to criticizing he own party so I believe that it is only fair (and Garth does believe in fairness) that he call his party's ethics into question over this matter. I await his response.

  • anon

    OMG! Just watched the morning news on CBC Newsworld.

    The news anchor Heather Hiscox asked Terry what to make of Dion in this video. Milewski: “Not much.”

    Terry then went on to say that it doesn't look good for Harper that he stopped his event schedule midstream to comment on this, and added his own sweater man comment. And the news anchor chimed in, almost in a panic-like state, saying, (paraphrasing) “And look at all the comments, the consensus is that this is a mean spirited attack and that it's unfair for someone to be attacked for their language skills.”

    It was a Live interview but they usually run snippets (hopefully the whole thing) at the top of the hour and someone can get this up on YouTube.

    Stephen this is gold! Doing pieces on stuff like this is your forte. Hopefully you can get the interview and do a write up. It's the CBC caught RED-HANDED trying to undo the damage it's done.

  • juniorannex

    Shocka: CBC radio one had substantial clips of the interview on the 8am news. Rather thought they might try to ignore it altogether – perhaps even the liberal cheerleaders are beginning to see that Mr Dion isn't quite fit for the big show.

  • Big Daddy

    Speed Kills.

    Your numbers start to slip in the polls. You relaise what you are doing is not working. You need to do something else.

    SO you start to get desperate. You need SOMETHING, ANYTHING to turn it around. But what?

    So you latch on to something, something that seems so good at the time you feel giddy…

    But soon the rumbilings start to come back to you… what have you done…have you made things worse .. are people feeling sympathy…wait a minute..

    Stephen Harper. Best political strategist since Kim Campbell.

  • DBeaulne

    Of course they did, it's the Liberal way…

  • DBeaulne

    Agree, it's already on my facebook, and I'm mailing it out to everybody.

  • Glenn

    Mike Duffy is brave to finally allow all Canadians see for themselves, a man (Dion) who can only answer dumbed downed questions and struggles to present a coherent economic plan (Green Shift Plan) that will help and not hurt our economy.
    The reaction of our Main Stream Media is also an indictment on them as they try to cover for Dion. Liberal operatives such as Phillip Huggan prefer to attack the messager instead of dealing honestly with Dion’s English and economic deficiencies.
    Remember, imagine Bob Rae as our finance minister, and Iggy as our minister of defense who once openly suppported Bush’s Iraq war while Iggy was at Havard.

  • Bocanut

    Who’s scary now?
    An economist with experience in being a Prime Minister who according to world wide respected organizations has steered Canada towards the top economic position in the world.
    Or a Marxist professor with limited English and zero economic skills usings Canadians for a sociology experiment by radically changing the tax system during a global economic meltdown using the enviroment as an excuse to fund his test.
    Oh, and by the way it’s agreed even by Liberals that the revamped tax system will have no effect on controlling green house gas emmisions.

  • Jan

    Phillip Huggan you have been posting that drivel on every blog I've seen. Dion did not say he didn't hear the question. He said he didn't understand the question. What part of that do you not understand? Are we now going to learn that Dion also has an expressive language disorder? That instead of saying he didn't understand the question, he actually meant he didn't hear the question.

    Nobody is suggesting Dion is stupid. I'm certain he is a very bright man, as are Jack Layton and Elizabeth May, but we do not choose our leaders solely based on IQ. There are a myriad of other considerations. But one of them being the ability to field any range of questions from reporters and accept that you may not be given several chances to compose a response. As a leader, you won't get to claim fatigue. You won't get to claim disorder. You won't get to claim a language barrier. You won't get to claim unfair. At least, that is, unless you want to sound like a perennial whiner. You will only get to own your answer and if you are savvy, at the very next opportunity you will say something to the effect of, “Yes, I'm afraid I didn't answer that question very well, I'd like to elaborate”.

    Frankly, Dion could have easily avoided this by saying, “I really don't understand your point, but this is our plan.” His problem is, he's a know-it-all with too much pride/arrogance/faith in his intellect to recognize when he has made an error and move on. He simply can't accept that he's made a mistake. In his mind it's more important that we understand things from his perspective then for him to understand them from ours. This is an egocentric character, not an empathetic one.

    By the way, Duffy was not doing the interview.

  • Craig

    Ouch! This speaks for itself but I wouldn’t push it or be gleeful about it. I’m a conservative, but this hurts just to watch. You can’t help but feel sorry for Stephane, and any unsympathetic handling of this is certain to be punished by voters.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  • simon

    If Stephane Dion has a hearing problem then why does he not wear a hearing aid? …that would be the prudent thing to do, NON?
    Hmmm funny though, his hearing at the debates seemed okay…His hearing in French language seems okay.
    Maybe it just disconnects when he can't answer a lowball question for a justification of his obfuscation of the economic health of the Demented Dominiom.

    Dion couldn't put his finger on the name of his impairment which by the way he volunteered originally.Well he's had 5 weeks to phone up his doc and then let us all know.

    'Doctor ,what is the name of my impairment s'il vous plait ?”

    “Ah Stephane,good news…it is not your hearing, it is your eyes my friend…you cannot read the teleprompter!”

  • MaryT

    Watching dion at an event, all he is talking about is the greenshift. Using the same words as before. He has got that speech down word for word. Wonder who is pulling the strings for him or whispering in his ear.
    With the cbc/ctv trying to play the gaffe down it means to me that they have destroyed or hidden several to cover up dions goofs on tv. That interview with Peter, was it done all at once or were there retakes.
    Retakes and retakes are familiar in movie and tv takes. Is Dion an actor playing a role as wannabe PM.
    And, that post by Huggan is way out of line. Is he an example of liberal supporters.

  • Richard Romano

    This is unbelievable — I'm still here with my mouth wide open…how in the world did this guy get the leadership of the party? If this does not finish him, nothing will.

  • Isabel of Montreal

    The reporter's “clarification” was misleading, but worse: Haper's reaction is mean-spirited and petty. Could we go back to that national debate question on personal attacks?

  • http://streetadvisorconsulting.blogspot.com markalanwhittle

    Seems the prime minister is making all the right moves while Dion is gasping for air. It's going to be a warm, enviting thanksgiving. Canadians have a lot to be thankful for given the looming uncertaintly.

    Vapour-locking on such a simple question Defines Dion much more that Harper ever could. Harper confirming the self-evident truth in Dions repeated fumbling around trying to find a limb to hold onto, while he drops into the abyss, was truly pivotal.

    What I really want to know is will he identify himself at the polling station, without a picture drivers licence he must then provide two pieces of government approved identification and swear out an oath as to his address that day at the poll.

    f all else fails a neighbour, who is a valid elector, can vouch for Mr. Dion, as is the election law.

    Having voted in the advance poll my drivers licence and voters registration card got me the express lane, by golly!

    Now that's democracy and identity politics all rolled into one easy efficient vote.

    Here in my neck of the woods the advance poll had line-ups hundreds deep. Waiting just steeled my resolve to ensure my vote counted when it was needed the most, at the ballot box.

    Every Canadian should consider it their duty to mark their ballot with an x for the person they want representing them and the party they belong to, there are even a few Independant candidates standing for election.

    Please vote.

  • Matthew Bennett

    Jason Cherniak said that the only way the Conservative “Not A leader” campaign would work if if was true.
    I think this interview says all.

  • lookout

    Craig, one might feel very sorry for a jockey who can't ride, but, really, would you think it insensitive and bad form to let bettors in on that fact?

    (For a conservative, IMO, your analysis is sadly lacking.)

  • http://www.enig-mac.blogspot.com/ Mac

    The claim of a physical impairment is such a pathetic attempt to replay the Chretien face deal…

  • Adam

    Go Green bitches!!!! PC is going to ruin this beautiful country. The rich get richer and Stephen Harper protects useless people that “work” in the government.

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    Prime Minister Stephen Harper should now ask the canadians for a massive votes to build a majority government.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Georges-T-Lebrun/537851460 Georges T. Lebrun

    Mike le Promeneur!