• Charles Hunt

    love it!

  • JDot


    But Stephen you have no “Emapthy”. I mean come on, stop being mean, so what if Dion can not answer basic question…

    He is only running for PM…………..

    Harper is the bad guy(eyes roll) according to the MSM…

  • Bec

    I am finally giggling. Can't FAKE reality!

  • http://climbingoutofthedark.blogspot.com Hunter

    Excellent, even better than yesterday's. The puppet strings are starting to get tangled up with so many Liberals trying to be the puppet master.

  • http://aaronleewudrick.blogspot.com ALW

    Must be part of his emphasis on being part of the team: “Hey Bob, um, do you wanna take this one?”

  • NeilD

    Far out!

    Dion finally answered THE question earlier today at a rally.
    If he had been a Peacock he would have been preening.
    He said that he would not have eliminated the 3 billion dollar buffer zone. He almost said “So there!”.
    And it only took a full twenty-four hours.

  • Richard Romano

    This guy want to be PM, and he gets frustrated by an interviewer's question? You're going to face worse things than this Mr. Dion.

  • Philip Hauser

    What would really be good if you added some clips from the leaders debate when May took his shots for him.

  • anon

    It would've been better to show clips of various MSM personalities spinning for the Libs but maintaining th J. Cocker background score. After all, Dion will have few friends in the LPC after Tues night… with Iggy and Bob at the top of that list.

  • http://djxtreme-seashell.blogspot.com/ SeanMcAllister

    the whole bunch of them belong in a jail the way they are spinning the truth and risking our whole country on their personal desire for power.

  • http://vollman.blogspot.com Robert V

    Admitting he doesn't understand something and asking for help from his team aren't exactly bad qualities.

    Then again, understanding so little and needing so much help aren't good qualities.

  • http://streetadvisorconsulting.blogspot.com markalanwhittle

    Stick a fork in this guy, he's done. I'm surprised he lasted this long before he finally jumped the shark, like Fonzi. He and his show where never the same after that. Same for Dion and the Liberals, and nor a moment too soon.

    No way Dion can be saved by the bell this time, he's going down for the count.

  • simon

    This video shows the massive dishonesty that the LPC is trying to pull on the electorate. It is unfortunate that these power hungry Power Corp people have so little regard for Canadians .
    A CPC win on Tuesday is the only answer.

  • http://djxtreme-seashell.blogspot.com/ SeanMcAllister

    Robert..ok..umm.so this and that maybe yes maybe no. Either he can lead or not. Either he is a better choice than SH or not. If you can say yes then well, good luck to ya.

  • gimbol

    I find it ironic the outrage from liberals when Dion's inability to respond on his own has been revealed.
    More so as they incorrectly claim that Dion is being targeted because of his inability to speak fluently in english.

    A history lesson is in order.

    When Preston Manning ran as the leader of the Reform Party, he was denounced by liberals and their enablers as unfit for the job of PM due to his lack of ability to speak french.
    His successor unfit again due to the fact that he was from the west.
    And again when they faced Harper the first time.

    But I digress.

    They seem to be overlooking the point (or ignoring) that when Dion was provided a softball question not once but three times, ..what is it that Harper had done wrong? and he wasn't prepared to answer.

    As I watched the “interview” I had this sense that I had seen this before, and I have.

    About four weeks ago, the local liberal candidate for London-Fanshawe Jacquie Gauthier came knocking at my door. When she started using general statements about how Harper was wrong on a number of issues, I responded by asking the candidate what exactly he had been wrong on. She countered with “well everything” as if by shear force of will, I would somehow slap my forehead in amazement and go “Oh wow, your right!”. To her shock I maintained my stance and demanded where “our Prime Minister” had failed Canada. She could not conjugate a complete sentence and provide one concrete example.

    It appears the liberals achilles heel has been revealed.

  • http://djxtreme-seashell.blogspot.com/ SeanMcAllister

    They don't care. It's old news and anit-liberal. So it can't be true.

  • kevsul

    Classic .. thanks Stephen.

  • bob

    CBC has been getting meat puppet after meat puppet to say he was tired, deaf, confused or a combination thereof, all day long.

    Getting by with a little help from his CBC friends.

    It is a comprehension problem.

    Plain. And. Simple.

  • bverwey


    You have made my day and love the music score. I cannot believe it but the MSM, at least some aspects of it, is running with this insight as to Dion’s inability to answer a straight forward question. I’ve seen him on the Corpse skirt the questions time and time again. It wan’t till this item appeared that it sank home that Dion is a front man. No thoughts of his ownin either officail language, simply mouthing the same old same old Liberal socialist “scary” agenda………Green Shaft…………it’s Green and as batty as Elizabeth May……..revenue nuetral and some left over to push money at their socialist ideals. This alone should show the what a shell game the Liberals are trying to flog to get back into power.

  • Liz J

    Well. he’s getting help from the Adscam enabler today. Frere Jean is stumping for him today, they’re pulling out all the stops! The guy can’t fly on his own, he’s getting help from those who should be relegated to the history books and a few who are salivating for his job. Fine mess to put forward to lead this country.

    What is wrong with the media, do they not reside in this country, have they no concern for it?
    We are in one of the worst political messes in the history of this country if the Liberals in coalition with the Dippers and Bloc get hold of the reins of power.
    The media are hammering hard to do just that.

  • anon

    Speaking of help from friends, where’s Lizzy May been? I haven’t heard much from her lately. Has anyone else? Have I missed something? I guess the MSM have decided to keep her away in the final days of the campaign because they’d be forced to ask why GP candidates are throwing their support behind Liberals. Confronting her on that – and making it a national news story – would only lend further credibility to Harper’s claim that she and Dion have cooked a deal together. And lending Harper credibility is something the MSM has no interest in doing.

    BTW, CBC Newsworld is continuing its campaign-long program called “Your Turn”, which really is more like a telethon to help the Liberals. Host Suhanna talks so fast, in a way that you expect her at some point to say “Make your pledge now, help the Liberal party.”

    Tune in and have a listen to the parade of callers claiming Harper is a cheap shot artist.

  • Anne in swON

    There's a first – Tag Team Wrestl…. I mean, Politics.

  • argee

    My friend tells me Le Citoyen is a straw man, and he he is right on. However I call him a nowhere man…Does anybody remember the Beatles.

    He's a real nowhere Man,
    Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
    Making all his nowhere plans
    for nobody.

    Doesn't have a point of view,
    Knows not where he's going to

    He's as blind as he can be,
    Just sees what he wants to see,
    Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

    time for a single malt…bon soir tous le monde….argee

  • Spiltbongwater

    That was well done. It is a pretty straight forward question. If one is going to slam their opponent and not know how one would have done things differently, then what was the point of the initial slamming? I would have thought a Prime Minister would have to be fluent in both official languages. Guess I was wrong.

  • MaryT

    I was hoping someone would do this. Thanks

  • anon

    we start again?” Anyone else notice this? Watch that part of the video again. Becoming flustered could be expected perhaps if he was constantly interrupted while replying… but if you notice he's not. The interviewer doesn't interrupt. Dion, WELLLL into his own reply, INTERRUPTS HIMSELF! Why? Why is this? How did he know he had made a mistake when the interviewer never pointed out the need for clarity at that point? What was wrong? Why did Dion ALL-ON-HIS-OWN spot the “mistake” and DEEP INTO his own reply? If he didn't understand the question, what was he replying to for that length of time?

    The truth is that the video clearly shows Dion running another line of thought throughout his “reply”. He was attempting to answer a question while thinking about an excuse to why he really had no legitimate answer, like trying to listen to a phone conversation and a person in the room at the same time, but Dion was having in conversation with himself…. this is why he became discombobulated… he was looking for a way out, having a second line of thought going, thinking about how he had no answer to the question asked to him and what he would say if the interviewer pressed him on it again. Following the “can we start again?” routine was simply a way he could gather his thoughts, play for time, thinking about how none of his talking points would apply to the question, having his off camera “translator” run interference, and hope that the network wouldn't broadcast it…. With MSM cheerleading him to the finish line, you can't blame him for thinking he would get away with it.

  • Henry IV

    Nice. Hope someone builds a site with embarrassing you like this one day. Just because someone is running for public office shouldn’t give you the license to riducule them.

    So what if the guy has an accent and occasionally misunderstands a question? Half of Canada speaks with an accent.

    I measure my leaders by the size of their brains and their passion for doing good.

    Not by their French accents.

  • roger

    I think Greg Weston's article today provides further proof that Dion is not ready to be Prime Minister. According to a CTV reporter on Dion's campaign tour, he also had difficulty during an interview on Much Music.

  • Soccermom

    Notice how utterly helpless and smug? he looks when his handlers take over…

  • Beer and Popcorn

    This is unfair

  • Helene

    Congratulations, this is brilliantly funny. Thank you for all your work.

  • A


  • http://jamesbowie.blogspot.com James Bowie

    I agree. Dion's team is very strong, stronger than Harper's.

  • http://canadianna.blogspot.com canadianna

    What I can't believe is the people willing to give Dion a pass on this. The interview was news. Combined with all these other clips, it's scary.

  • Bec

    How is this unfair? Unfair is a word used to describe something that creates inequality.
    Chretien, is quoted as saying “he does not trust anybody”…”If (Pierre) Trudeau had treated me the way Harper treats his ministers, I would have resigned”….meanwhile his finance minister has written a book that completely insults him (Chretien) but do we HEAR ABOUT THAT every day? No, the media for the most part, drops every hot potato that the Libs have done or will do in this campaign. Dion was asked clearly, what he would do re the economy if he was the Prime Minister right now (paraphasing) AND HE COULD NOT ANSWER IT. Why? The answer is his “TEAM” was not all lined up in the room to tell him the answer.

    We need a PM that can answer a question clearly and without hesitation. Mr Dion, reminds me of a child that is looking around the room for someone to confirm that he can take the cookie.

  • East of Eden

    Wow. And this guy wants to become the PM? God help us. You know, I kind of feel sorry for Ignatieff – whatever else he may be, he's intelligent and can respond to questions. Note that I did not say “answer” questions but, rather “respond to”. There is a difference. I wonder if he looks in the mirror each night and says, to his reflection: “I coulda been a contenduh”. If not for Dion's supporters, he most likely would have become leader.

    Dion's short temper is a huge liability – he obviously, from the video, has no sense of calm and I can just see him on the international stage acting like a petulant little boy. He started out looking like he had some hope but, now, not likely.

    And Chretien stumping for him? I wonder if this is Chretien's way of getting back at Paul Martin – by supporting a non-Martinite? I certainly hope that the CPC makes some noise about having Mr. Corruption stumping for the party. You know, it's ironic – Chretien and Martin are both married to ladies with class and quiet strength and Dion is married to a lady with strength and competence. Why is it that it is the husbands are the political leaders and not the wives?

  • http://www.bluelikeyou.com/ Joanne TB

    Well done, Stephen!

    This song also comes to mind as a theme song for poor Dion:

    Everybody's talking at me.
    I don't hear a word they're saying,
    Only the echoes of my mind…

  • Liz J

    Wondering where Lizzy May is? She's either in hiding since she told the Greens to support the Liberals in ridings where they could beat Conservatives, that would be about them all! This is something she said she would not do so we can assume she was lying. Not a good sign for someone who aspires to become an Anglican Priestess. She's also boning up for the Environment portfolio her dear friend Steffie will give her when he takes power.

    What a hopeless lot, but don't laugh, if Canadians are stupid as Lizzy said but said she didn't say, we could be in for some turbulence in the land. They'll probably ban beans too for obvious reasons.

  • batb


    If the stakes weren't so high and Canada under the leadership (sic) of Stephane Dion, so unthinkable, I'd feel sorry for the guy. If the Liberals get in, it will be government by committee with Directors Rae, Ignatieff, and Chretien under Co-Chairmen Mao Strong and Paul Desmarais.

    It'll be time to head for the hills, wherever they might be …

    I 'm put in mind of the Desert Fathers and Mothers who lived in times much like ours:

    Abba Anthony said: The time is coming when people will be insane, and when they see someone coming who is not insane, they will attack that person saying, “You are insane because you are not like us,” an exact analogy of the rabid political/MSM left's attitude toward Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

  • East of Eden

    Strong, maybe. But ethical, honest, competent to run the country? Uh, no.

  • Big Daddy

    This is what you spend your time on.

    Manning money well spent.

  • Roberto

    If by any chance Stephi and his friends get back to Power, The Canadian confederation is Toast!!!

  • Liz J

    If Steffi gets power we can start calling him “Staphy” short for staphylococcus. We'll be swamped with Leftism which is a disease, and what the Liberals in conjunction with the the rest of the Leftoids who'll be yipping at their heels really are.
    I've never been more worried about the country and we can thank the conniving media and the pollsters who really are meddlers in the democratic process. How others are voting is not something we need to know. We only require truth and fairness from our news sources, sadly we don't have it.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    Ok, I'm going to draw the line. Anyone that runs for leadership of this country has my respect and this comment hardly raises the level of debate.

  • Liz J

    Where is the level at the moment? Respect should be across the board. Dion and the Liberals have made some pretty nasty comments about Mr. Harper.

  • batb

    Stephen, forgive me if I'm being obtuse, but I don't know what line has been crossed. Could you be more specific? What “comment hardly raises the level of debate”?

    Our media are an absolute disgrace, they are interfering in the electoral process. There isn't a minute in the day–and I'm watching–when our MSM aren't on the hustings for the Liberal Party of Canada. PMSH's campaign has been steady and focused but Canadians would hardly know it, as he's usually the second or third item when the news turns to the election and only first on the agenda when he or another member of the CPC has made a “gaffe,” which half the time is trumped up.

    Nearly all of Stephane Dion's much more egregious gaffes and weaknesses are swept under the carpet–something this post illustrates in spades.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    Comparing Dion to bacteria or a disease does nothing to criticize his policies, abilities or leadership. It's a personal attack.

  • East of Eden

    You want to see nasty comments? Check out Garth Turner's blog. In my 55 years, I thought I'd seen it all but I sure was educated once I glommed onto his blog. Now, I am not excusing any nastiness on any blog and I realize that Garth's blog is exceptional – for an MP to allow the comments which he has allowed on his blog and to be so rude to people who pose legitimate questions which do not all into the Lib party line, is disgraceful.

    I like this particular blog because of the overall civility. It seems to me that any nastiness comes from non-Conservative supporters, with odd exceptions from our side. I have incredible respect for Harper and, included in the list of reasons for my respect is his insistence on taking the high road and to not stoop to the slagging that occurs from the other parties. And, for the four other parties to continually gang up on his is disgusting. As for talk of a coalition on the left – that has nothing to do with doing what is best for us Canadians and everything to do with their vendettas against a PM who is logical and effective. In other words, the opposing parties are exhibiting disgraceful behaviour.

  • East of Eden

    To be fair (and I certainly have zero respect for Chretien), Martin was the instigator. He worked against Chretien and, to his credit, Chretien tolerated it for some time before removing him from Cabinet. Harper did something similar with Garth Turner except that Garth crossed the line and Harper had no choice but to fire him from the party. Martin, to his credit, did not publicly (and that is key) denounce Chretien or refuse to follow the party line. I believe that the way Martin discharged the deficit was wrong but, he was able to give his party a key selling point. The fact that it killed our health care system is beside the fact when it comes to sucking in Canadian voters. Martin's work was so seen as positive that even Chretien's blatant lie regarding the GST was forgiven by Canadian voters. Unfortunately, Martin was in a hurry to be PM and went to war with Chretien and his supporters. Although Martin became PM, it was only with a minority and even that minority was rife with gaffes which ultimately resulted in the Libs' loss. Martin went from being golden to a lump of coal in a very short period of time.

  • Rosie

    There are UTUBES of Stephane Dion taking pot shots at PMSH weight and Dion calls him Low Class? Unfortunately he has spent so much time belittling the PM (the debates we a national disgrace) and spewing nonsense vitriol he can’t understand the logic of a strategy to govern rather than a strategy to gain power . A good governance issue was beyond his opinion. The utter dearth of wisdom on the left is terrifying.