Question for Stephane Dion

At tomorrow’s campaign launch for Stephane Dion, somebody should ask the Liberal leader if his campaign plans to offset the carbon used by his buses, and plane and whether or not these offsets will fall under their election spending cap. Also, will local campaigns also buy carbon credits?

Steve Janke has already done the math on Stephane Dion’s jet-fuel thirsty plane, but has Dion done the math on running a carbon-neutral campaign? Liberal election expenses certainly will not be revenue neutral as costs are expected to run them further into the red.



  • anon

    To CTV's credit—they ran the piece. Never saw it on CBC, though. Big surprise! No explanation from the LPoC yet from what I know… more particularly, from Dion himself.

    The election hasn't even “offically” begun yet and already the Liberals are having communication problems. Me thinks it's a prelude of things to come—just like on the opening day of the last campaign (I beleive it was the opening day) when a wheel literally fell off a wagon on the Liberal campaign trail.

  • Joan Tintor

    I guess they could always say they'll buy the offsets after the election. If they can afford to.

  • Liz J

    Guess they'll be happy if they get the plane off the ground the way things are going. It's OK for Libs and Dippers to spew noxious gas, they're worth it! It's sort of saying their poo doesn't stink.
    It is ironic to have the person who espouses to be greener than Kermit the Frog using the worst fuel guzzling plane to flit around the country. It's probably the only airline they get to fly now pay later.

    Noted in his speech this am, Dion is still referring us to The(?) Still confident the court will rule in their favour in Jennifer Wright's challenge or just plain arrogant?

    Watching Harper this morning we witnessed a cool, confident Prime Minister who has a grip on the realities of the real world and Canada's role in it.

    Let the lies and innuendo, petty juvenile junk spill forth from the usual sources. The people of Canada have heard it all before, it won't fly again. It's reality against foolishness and low grade politics.

  • James Bowie

    When you find that it is carbon neutral, what will your response be?

  • geo

    Along with the worst environmental plane of all the leaders,there is an even more important point in all this.

    Dion in his Green Shift will penalized the Canadian public for their use of existing energy sources, and has told Canadians to change to a more environmental friendly alternative.
    Just like that?
    Alternative energy? Where is this going to come from? We Canadians really don't have much in the way of affordable alternatives to change the way we heat our homes or drive our cars.
    Now Mr.Dion gets a taste of his own Green Shift,when he can't find an alternative to his non environmental friendly plane.
    There's just isn't one available.
    How does he expect Canadians to follow his plan,when there is really no alternative and most of all it can't be done because Canadians don't have the $$$ to do it with.
    Glad you got a taste of your Green Shift,Mr.Dion

  • stephentaylor

    “Ok, thanks”

  • seaandthemountains

    “All greenhouse gas emissions from Stéphane Dion’s tour have been offset.”

    wasn't too tough to figure out:

  • Stephen Taylor

    “Ok, thanks”

  • seaandthemountains

    “All greenhouse gas emissions from Stéphane Dion’s tour have been offset.”

    wasn't too tough to figure out: