What of the Liberals and abortion?

From the National Post:

OAKVILLE – Stephane Dion has challenged the Prime Minister to clarify his view on abortion, threatening to reignite the debate as Canada careens toward a fall election.
The Liberal leader issued his challenge to Stephen Harper while answering a question at a town hall meeting on Wednesday night in Oakville.

The event was billed as a discussion of Mr. Dion’s carbon tax plan, but a member of the audience instead asked his views on the Unborn Victims of Crime Act. The private member’s bill would make it a criminal offence to harm an unborn child during an attack on its mother.

Mr. Dion said he opposed the proposed legislation because it might infringe on women’s access to abortion.

“We need to protect everyone against crime, but, at the same time, it happens that I believe in the rights of women to choose and I have a lot of respect for the people who have a different view,” he told the crowd.
Mr. Dion then called upon Mr. Harper to state his own position on abortion.

And the latest in the Parliament Hill window series from Liberal MP Tom Wappel:

Is that a sign in Tom Wappel’s office? It looks familiar to another sign that sparked some controversy.

Is it really?

It is! Hooray for double standards!

Mr. Dion should ask some of his Toronto area MPs about their views. These photographs were taken today.

In 2005, Stephen Harper stated his views on legislation and abortion at the CPC policy convention:

“And, while I’m at it, I will tell you that, as prime minister, I will not bring forth legislation on the issue of abortion.”

FLASHBACK: Liberals are hypocrites on abortion

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UPDATE: From Monday’s (8/25) Hill Times we learn that Tom Wappel took the sign from Rob Anders and put it up in his own window.

Re: “Tory MP Anders forced to remove ‘pro-life’ from East Block window” (The Hill Times, July 14, p. 1). Your article really intrigued me, as, in my 20 years as a Member of Parliament, I have never heard of a policy regarding what can or cannot be put in the window of Parliamentarians’ offices.

So I did a little digging. I contacted the Speaker’s office, the Sergeant-at-Arms Office, Canadian Heritage, the House Accommodation Services Office, and the Conservative Whip’s Office. Guess what? There is no policy!

Since there are signs in numerous other windows which were there before Mr. Anders removed his, and which are still there (e.g. “Veterans for Obama ’08 in the Confederation Building), I wanted to know why Mr. Anders’ sign (“Defend Life”) had been singled out for attention and removal. It turns out it was because someone had complained about it. Why? Since other signs remain in windows, it is clear that there have been no complaints about other signs. Thus the complaint has to be not about a sign in a window, but about a sign in a window which was assumed to be a pro-life sign in a window.

Well, I am proud to be pro-life. Being so is not a criminal offence (yet). Expressing my pro-life views is not illegal (yet). What can be more fundamental in the very seat of our democracy than our Charter cherished freedom of expression?

So, I have borrowed Mr. Anders’ innocuous sign and put it in my window in East Block, and there it will stay.

… — Tom Wappel

Why is Wappel free to express his views while Anders was rebuked? The Conservative “hidden agenda” narrative is ready to be resurrected by the media at a moment’s notice. It was a Liberal senate staffer that complained about the sign. What is her opinion of Wappel’s ability to express his opinion on the issue?



  • Cool Blue

    What does Dion’s new star candidate David Orchard think of abortion? (he’s hardcore pro-life)

  • http://streetadvisorconsulting.blogspot.com markalanwhittle

    Poor Dion, hoist on his own Petard, once again. No wonder the Prime Minister is mulling over Parliaments effectiveness amid the clownery of Dion and the opposition. Rank and file voters, who are concerned about the economy and the value of their ever shrinking pensions, will vote for the party that can best manage the economy and it won't be the L:iberals nor NDP. Voters are a pragmatic lot, despite the ramblings of Dion that “The Green Shift” will save the planet, he just doesn't know how our measly 2% contribution will be reduced, as no projections or targets are set forth in the plan. Many, many Canadians will fall through the cracks of revenue neutrality and see their quality of life degraded by the rising costs associated with “The Green Shift” carbon taxation pogrom. People will be too scared to vote Liberal by the time an election is called, sooner rather than later, as the case may be. Keep up the good work Stephen, a picture is worth a thousand words when it exposes the Liberals double-talk. Most people know the only way to stop pollution and green houses gasses is at the source. Industries need help to clean up their act, but putting the cost on the taxpayers is fixing the wrong end of the problem.

  • anon

    The Fiberals will probably trot out this ad once again. At the 0:22 mark it shows two teen girls at the free clinic suffering from a nervous breakdown after staff tells them that no more abortions can be performed as a result of Harper — with horns growing out of his head — having criminalized it the day before.

    Let the Fiberals go down THAT road again. They've apparently learned nothing from previous campaigns that have bannished them to the opposition benches. They have nothing to offer but fear and smear. Dion's campaign is going to go up like a death star. They know this. We know this.

  • http://loreweaver.btblogs.ca Lore_Weaver

    “What does Dion's new star candidate David Orchard think of abortion? (he's hardcore pro-life)”

    I don't think we want to drag that argument in. It'll just detract from the CPoC presently being pro-choice. There are FAR MORE “hardcore pro-life” Conservatives than Liberals.

    I think it's more to say that both are “Big Tent” parties.

  • bob

    If anything, the backlash to the Morgentaler OOC announcement from quiet Liberal supporters should have been a sign to avoid it entirely.

    This is to play to the media bias on the topic. And they are already taking the bait.

  • http://jasoncherniak.com Jason Cherniak

    So your point is that we should start debating abortion? I'm game if you are.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Cherniak, an agent of the Liberal Party (riding president, regional executive) wants to re-open the debate on abortion. What is your hidden agenda Jason?

  • JDot


  • not_like_u

    IN case you hadn't noticed, it was directed at the LEADER of your party, and the current (though hopefully not future) Prime MInister.

    It is not secret whatsoever that there are a number of LIberal MP's who are anti-abortion, and there are many, many more Conservative MP's who are as well.

    The question was about the views of the leader.

    And as a side point, I just adore the juvenile spin about parliament becoming dysfunctional, coming from the man and the party that LITERALLY WROTE THE BOOK on how to disrupt and obstruct Parliament and its committeess and prevent them from functioning.

    Hopefully voters are slightly less stupid than BT partisans and will see through this.

  • not_like_u

    Are you aware that the Conservative gov't supopsed plan for greenhouse gas emission reductions is to “make the big polluters pay”? This, according to John Baird.

    If this is true, do you not understand how this will lead to major price increases in the goods and services that they produce which will lead to major costs for consumers? This is fact, just conveniently avoided by your little friends.

    As such, it is clear both “plans” will raise costs for consumers, but one will match it dollar for dollar with tax cuts.

    As for prudent fiscal management, well I guess you are happy with government spending rising at 3-4 times the rate of inflation, far faster and higher than previous LIberal governments. This is what happens when people with no actual business experience attempt to run our finances. It is embarrassing.

  • Sir John A.

    The fact that Dion has brought this up shows just how desperate this leader and this party have become.

    No leadership, no support, no momentum, and a lame tax hike election platform. What do we do? Bring up abortion!

    Pathetic politics by the Liberal party here.

  • Shamrock

    Oh, I see – its's the Leader's position on abortion that counts, not the party platform. Now listen carefully – are you ready – are you sure? The CPC has no intention of introducing any legislation limiting access to abortion. Private member bills do not reflect government positon. If they did then we should discuss Tom Wappell's abortion PMB. Nice try.

    You Liberal clowns will slink to any low to try to get power back, so you can resume your pillage of the treasury. We're still paying off the Trudeau debt (with a very small portion belonging to Mulroney in his first mandate, which he reversed in the second). Liberals will divide Canadians, drive whatever regional wedges they can in their futile attempt to get Dion elected PM.

    It won't work. Keep up the wedge shaft crap, and you might just give Harper the majority he seeks. BTW, spare us the obstructionist book crap. Results speak for themselves. Witness the Szabo Circus.

    Has Dion paid back his leadership debt? No. Was he entitled to an extension under the legislation? No. Has the LPC paid back the stolen Adscam money? No. These are matters of fact, not your bigotted conjecture. Harper is smarter, tougher and shrewder than Dion and his B-team, and it drives you crazy.

    Liberals, by definition are the most partisan party, where power is their only policy, trying to dishonestly advocating a poorly thought out Green Shaft (I don't want to use the real term, because of possible copyright infringement) that is intended solely to take money from the West (no votes there, so who cares) and transfer it to their voting blocs. Brison spilled the beans with his ill-advised argument that a NS family will make money under the Green shaft, which essentially torpedos the idea of revenue neutrality, unless he concedes some other family (in Western Canada) will pay more out than comes in.

    In any event, where in your wildest dreams do you think people actually believe a Liberal election promise? I have not met one person, not one, who supports Dion in any way, assuming they even know who he is. I've talked to lots of people about this, and can't wait for the opportunity to knock on doors and explain how you corrupt bunch will say anything, including calling our brave soldiers war criminals, to try somehow to gain access to the Treasury.

    I look forward to the Grit Gang of Goofs trying to explain a platform they don't even understand themselves, cynically trolling for Toronto votes and slagging anyone, including duly elected Premiers who don't see it their way. Every time a Liberal tells us what “Canadians want” just insert what “Liberals want” and you will see the true picture.

    What a gang of buffons, living in a fantasy world where Dion has a snowball's chance in h**l of winning. In a way, an election will be a win for the Grits – they can rid themselves of their Loser Leader and maybe truly reform themselves so Canadians can again consider them for power. Until they change their political culture, it won't happen, because the A-Team (Manley, Tobin, McKenna et al) will stay away until they do.

    Quite amusing, really; it must really p**s you off that Harper is calling the LPC bluff.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

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  • Gabby in QC

    Not_like_u, the LEADER of the CPC did state his position on the question of abortion. He stated
    1. that his party would not introduce abortion legislation
    2. that if a bill were introduced (such as a private member's bill, of which there are many on the table) he would allow a free vote, i.e. he would not whip his caucus members to vote one way or another.

    Contrast that position with the NDP's, who got rid of MP Bev Desjarlais for voting against SSM based on her religious convictions, yet would have allowed two of their candidates (a practicing Muslim, and a Catholic priest in Newfoundland) to abstain from voting.

    Or the present Liberal leader, who wanted to whip the vote on whether SSM should be revisited (Dec. 2006)
    but was finally dissuaded because he faced a possible revolt in his caucus:
    “I think it's probably unwise for any leader to 'whip' his or her caucus,” [Liberal MP] McKay said Monday on CTV Newsnet's Mike Duffy Live, meaning compelling MPs to vote a certain way.

    “The grievance of those who support the traditional definition of marriage is the previous two governments have whipped their cabinet, which means the vote in the House has been something less than entirely free.”

    So, your moniker is an apt one. You and others like_u talk up a storm about many issues but your actions? … well, that's something else.

  • karol

    How Old Boys’ Errand Girls took “decisive action” on abortion file in Canada.

    Who arranged to introduce Dr. Henry Morgentaler into the Order of Canada and why??

    Chief Justice of Canada Beverly McLachlin publicly claims that it was not her decison. Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean refuses to show her face and accept petition signed by 30000 Canadians demanding revocation of that decision.

    Did Dr. Henry Morgentaler blackmail Marty Teplitsky “the Judge Maker” (see: http://tcbarristers.com/lawyers.html ) in order to get for himself the Order of Canada??

    Things, more and more, look that way.

    Henry Morgentaler used blackmail in his letter to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1973, (see: http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/may/08050801.html ). It is more than likely that he either used blackmail or supplied evidence that could have been used to blackmail political opponents of Liberal party in 1975 in his dealings with Ron Basford than Canada’s Minister of Justice in order to get himself out of jail (see: http://clcbc.org/morg/ar91.htm ).

    Marty Teplitsky is well known in Toronto legal community for running an escort agency and for providing underage boys and girls as sexual toys for Toronto Elite. Marty is also known for arranging videotaping of such sexual encounters and known for using such compromising and sexually explicit materials to “influence” everybody that is anybody in Ontario legal community.

    Services of a discrete and unscrupulous abortionist are essential in smooth operation of Teplitsky’s escort business as his female employees once in a while get pregnant with Marty’s clients. In this day and age of DNA paternity testing and feminists running court system such pregnancy might easily be converted into a financial windfall for a “lucky girl” and financial ruin for Marty’s wealthy client.

    It is more than likely that over the many years that Marty operated his “business” such problems did develop and some of the “lucky girls” working for Marty’s escort business who tried to cash in on opportunity to better themselves were delivered against their will to Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic and had their “lucky meal tickets” forcefully removed from their wombs.

    If such or similar scenarios really took place in Teplitzky/Morgentaler business dealings, Morgentaler would have had very good cards in his possession that he could have used to blackmail Teplitsky.

    Considering the fact that Marty Teplitsky have shown on numerous occasions how much pull he really has in legal community; in 2000 Marty arranged for his wife Nancy L. Backhouse nomination as a Superior Court Judge (see: http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/news-nouv/ja-nj/2000/doc_25405.html ). In a same year Marty arranged that his wife’s sister Constance Backhouse become a professor of law at university of Ottawa (see: http://www.constancebackhouse.ca/biography/about-me-page-2.html ) one has to come to cunclusion that Morgentaler had to be blind not to notice such developments.

    One could only guess that both appointments must have been wedding gifts of sorts as there is a considerable age difference between Marty and his latest wife Nancy.

    Marty’s unique position in Ontario legal community and his unique form of influence has been well utilised by his daughter Sheryl Teplitsky who set up and runs collection agency specialising in collection of unpaid debts from law firms in Canada, task that for normal mortals is impossible to accomplish (see: http://www.lawyersweekly.ca/index.php?section=article&articleid=29 ).

    Quite recently Marty ventured outside of promoting and rewarding members of his immediate family and arranged that Warren Winkler was honoured with Sara Laskin Award shortly before Winkler was officially nominated, on June 1, 2007, as a Chief Justice of Ontario Court of Appeals (see:http://www.zsa.ca/zsa.php?fuseaction=main.post_articles_item&id=437 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_Winkler ).

    These latest developments might have prompted Morgentaler who was twice refused Order of Canada to put pressure on Teplitsky demanding payoff satisfying Morgentaler’s vanity or face the consequence of Morgentaler spilling Marty’s secrets to wrong people and toppling Teplitsky’s sex trade empire. Such threat if it was ever uttered would have been very serious due to the fact that Morgentaler does not have that much time to live so Teplitzky cannot retaliate against Morgentaler even if he were to try to have him killed.

    If such was the case and Teplitsky buckled under Morgentaler’s demands than it would have made sense that while working his magic in order to get the Order of Canada for Morgentaler Teplitsky would arrange same Order of Canada for his wife’s sister Constance Backhouse (see: http://www.medias.uottawa.ca/salledesmedias/news-details_1503.html ).

    Can above theory explain Chief Justice of Canada Beverly McLachlin’s reaction to the complaint that was filed against her with the Canadian Judicial Council? If Chief Justice was in fact duped by Teplitsky that he has an inside track with Harper (Warren Winkler nomination) and than pressured by Teplitsky and his clients to name Dr. Morgentaler to the Order of Canada than it would be no surprise that she would refuse to become a fall person of Toronto Old Boys Club and resign from her position at SCOC as a result of such appointment, as such development would be the ultimate irony and an ultimate defeat of everything that Chief Justice of Canada Beverly McLachlin ever stood for.

    Political football as it is currently played in Ottawa guarantees that Conservatives are not going to let this latest controversy die as it presents them with perfect opportunity to reshape makeup of Supreme Court of Canada and stack it with people who reflect their own philosophy.

    It seems that Beverly McLachlin’s choices are limited at this time; she either goes alone on a plank, jumps overboard and signals complete and total defeat of feminist movement in Canada, (very likely scenario, as after her departure somebody is going to spill the beans anyway) or she can use her position in order to try to sink as many members of Toronto Old Boys Club as she can while she still can. Such course of action might not save her current position but it might save feminist movement from total defeat and make her in time into real martyr of feminist cause.

    Nobody at Rideau Hall to accept anti-Morgentaler petition
    Laura Drake , Canwest News Service
    Published: Wednesday, August 20, 2008
    OTTAWA – A petition bearing 30,000 signatures calling for Dr. Henry Morgentaler to be removed from the Order of Canada had to be left at the gates of Rideau Hall Wednesday afternoon since no official at the vice-regal quarters was there to accept it.

    Around 30 people bearing yellow signs with slogans including “Morgentaler Canada’s Shame” and ” ‘Odour’ of Canada” came to the Governor General Michaelle Jean’s residence to protest the July 1 naming of Morgentaler, Canada’s foremost abortion activist, as a member of the Order of Canada……..

  • http://streetadvisorconsulting.blogspot.com markalanwhittle

    Hey Jason, nice to see you catching up with reality here at Stephen Taylor's blog. Funny how rank and file Canadians are equally appalled at the latest recipient of the Order of Canada. Whether it be doctrine or faith the end result is the same. I'm for protecting the ones that Canadians want to be born, protect those growing human beings from criminal harm. With abortion, there's no changing your mind. The part that gets me is it takes two to tango, yet the men who caused the problem in the first place get off scott free. No there's a travesty that cost the rest of millions in taxes to fix. Where's the accountability in this scenario? Abortion, who cares to toy with that, nobody Jason, that's a fact. Hence, the Unborn victims of Crime Act, something all Canadians should support for the little ones they want, not for the little ones they don't by choice. That's Canada, get used to it.

  • not_like_u

    Yes, Shamrock.

    It must feel good to know that no member of your government has any meaningful private sector experience – makes you feel like you are one of them! Good for you!

    Manley, Tobin = A-Team? Maybe compared to Conservatives (i.el. Poilievre, Jason Kenney), but no, the current Liberal caucus is weak, but a powerhouse next to the collection of unaccomplished hacks who currently populate the government benches. A middling ex Liberal performer (Emerson) is about the only one who appears vaguely competent (other than Prentice, who appears to be solid and competent), and Emerson only looks like a star next to the cadre of ill-equipped coleagues that surround him.

    Then again, I am sure they look like stars next to the likes of you….

  • Roberto

    Stephanie should Abort his Greenshaft plan! Power at any cost, the Liebranos will say anything to get back in to Power!! They are desperate. Even bringing out Cretin, to spew his propaganda.

  • Lord Kitchener’s Own

    I’m a bit confused by this post. It seems to me that this shows that Dion will not legislate abortion, despite the fact that some members of his party would like him too. And as you point out, Stephen Harper’s stance is that he will not bring forth legislation on the issue of abortion, despite the fact that some members of his party would like him too.

    So, are you say pro-life Tories are hypocrites too for supporting a party that won’t ban abortion? Is Dion a hypocrite for letting Wappel stay in the party, or is Harper a hypocrite for not trying to legislate abortion as his heart would lead him too, or are neither hypocrites? Are you saying Dion’s a hypocrite, or pro-life Liberals are hypocrites, or that poor-choice Liberals are hypocrites? And depending on the answer, are the equivalent members of the CPC hypocrites too?

    Two parties. Both with pro-life and pro-choice members. Both unwilling to legislate abortion (or at least, that’s what they say). One leader who’d presumably like to ban abortion, but won’t. One leader who presumably DOESN’T want to ban abortion, and won’t. So, what’s the difference exactly?

  • Shamrock

    not_like_u. I'm not like you, so spare me your projection garbage. Keep living the delusion that Canadians have any use whatever for your B-team. Your comments about their competence are quite meaningless. BTW, your response is pathetic. I think your parents are quite nice people, likely lettting you live rent free in their basement. You must be a child, making idiotic remarks about me, or anyone else, having meaninful private sector experience. You have no idea what “private sector experience” I have; but it does seem quite evident I have more than you.

    And BTW, tell us all about the “private sector experience” Dion has. Oh yes, “Canadians” (IOW Liberals) don't think much of the quality of the CPC team. Sure, buddy. Is that why your leader prefers to hide behind the curtain, rather than be accountable to parliament, through actually voting on legislation, and the people, through debating the issues in an election campaign. What a laugh.

    When I read the idiotic remarks coming from the likes of you, I can understand why Mr Harper wants to take your ilk on in an election right now.

  • Liz J

    Jason and other running scared Libranos are showing their desperation with every comment.

    The fact Dion has pulled what amounts to a last refuge, abortion, tells us his carbon tax flopped on their hot dog and beer run this summer. He's stepped into deep do-do on this one, he can't win. Harper is miles ahead on this one and has a policy, it hasn't changed. If it comes to a vote, it will be a free one.
    What really is stupendous is the fact anyone but a dictator would consider only the opinion of the leader of a party on any issue. dion says it's important to have Harper's personal view. What does it matter what Dion or Harper think personally unless they're dictators?
    Guess we're supposed to forgive the Liberals , they're used to dictators and follow their leader blindly. How can we possibly forget, Chretien sending troops to the war in Afghanistan without debate and a vote in Parliament?

    Harper is not a dictator, he allows free votes on such issues which is as it should be in a democratic system.

  • http://streetadvisorconsulting.blogspot.com markalanwhittle

    “The Green Shift” carbon tax pogrom is like a dog that won't hunt.
    What's one to do?
    Out back behind the barn goes old Yeller.
    Just what Dion's election platform needs, a plank that's got wood rot, and nothing to plug the leak.
    So will Dion go down with the sinking Liberal ship while refusing to walk the plank while carrying that “Green Shaft” boat anchor tied around his neck like a ball and chain? You go boy!

  • kelly

    Paul Martin was oh so coy about his views on abortion, hiding behid his (nonexistent) Catholic beliefs. Why would Dion even bring it up? Dion is a pipsqueak. He reminds me of the guy everyone would pick on at school (but I usually felt sorry for because he's, well, a pipsqueak).

  • Liz J

    It could be Harper calling Dion's bluff on forcing an election that has led Dion to raise the the last refuge of a desperate politician, abortion .

    Another sign of desperation is the Liberals and their operatives, as well as their buddies in the media, are saying it's Harper who wants an election. They don't want the voters to blame them for triggering it. They simply can't be honest about a damned thing, true to their brand. They've lied to get elected as a tradition. Chretien told the biggest lie ever, he would scrap the GST, he didn't. He also lied about even saying it when he was caught on tape. He got away with it. Lies have been a powerful tool for Liberals.

    In Ontario they love lying politicians. They elected a proven liar provincially as well, McGuinty broke all his promises first time around and they rewarded him with a second majority. Go figure.

  • http://jasoncherniak.com Jason Cherniak

    Do you all really think that Dion would choose the answer to a question in a town hall to issue a public challenge to the PM? I'm sure it was a question from a person who cared about this issue and Dion was making a point to the audience. If you want to build it up into more, though, most Liberals will be happy to help you. Maybe Stephen Harper will even mention the word “abortion” and get into the new. Very smart.

    However, I doubt that's going to be the election campaign.

  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    I suppose Dion doesn't need help going down in flames à la Martin, he has his own plan to lose.


  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca stephentaylor

    The double standard here is that Tom Wappel's sign stays on display in the Parliamentary “frathouse” while a Conservative Member is compelled to remove his own.

    Dion would like to whip his caucus on social issues but he can't. Harper doesn't want to whip his caucus on social issues and won't.

  • paulsstuff

    Gee Jason, you want to come here and debate abortion, while at the same time refusing to post comments ON YOUR OWN BLOG that differs with your opinion, or something posted that in fact proves a statement you made was wrong.

    The Liberal Party of Canada, all inclusive to all Canadian's, unless you don't share our views. Then we don't want to hear from you.

    And by the way Jason, despite Liberal bloggers outrage over Conservative's supposedly doing it, people within the Liberal Party have been writing letters to the editors of newspapers praising Dion and the Green Shaft, never once revealing their involvment in the party(e.g. head of riding association). Perhaps you can point that out to Liblogs,the ones you haven't given the boot to for daring to question Dion that is.

  • karol

    Dion goes ballistic in his last ditch attempt to destroy Liberal Party of Canada

    “Dion prods Harper on abortion stance” an article at National Post

    Liberal Leader Stephane Dion called on Stephen Harper to clarify his abortion stance at a campaign event on Wednesday night in Oakville, Ont.

    It is very interesting that Stéphane Dion would volunteer to start public discussion on abortion issue considering that not so long ago his wife Janine Krieber, has warned Canadians of possibility of terrorist acts by pro-abortion fanatics, see: http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/jun/08061807.html

    As far as we know Stéphane Dion and his wife are unable to conceive a child on their own and this is why they opted to adopt a Peruvian girl, see: http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/liberals/dion.html

    Here is relevant quote,

    “Stéphane himself does not appear to be particularly religious. He only married his wife, political scientist Janine Krieber, so they could adopt a daughter, Jeanne, from Catholic Peru in 1988. Before that the two had lived together, like so many Quebecers of their generation, for almost 10 years — from when they were students at Laval,..”

    It is still unclear to me if this infertility issue in Dion’s family is caused by the fact that Stéphane Dion has no balls (well established fact of current political life in Canada) or is it because his wife Janine Krieber had one too many botched abortions performed by Dr. Henry Morgentaler at his Montreal abortion clinic??
    For quality of care that Dr. Morgentaler offered his female cients, see: http://clcbc.org/morg/ar91.htm

    If the second possibility is the case than it would make perfect sense that Stéphane Dion prompted by his wife would make an attempt to strangle Dr. Henry Morgentaler and any of his supporters at the first opportunity he would ever get (Hell knows no fury as woman robed of her fertility).

    I somehow like the idea of Dion tightening the noose around Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin’s neck. Considering controversy surrounding nomination of Dr. Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada and considering the fact that Chief Justice is already back pedalling on this issue, Dion’s call on Harper to state his position on abortion is nothing short of Dion shooting Liberal Party of Canada in a foot.

    After all Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean are currently the two highest ranking Liberals on government payroll; both are mired in Morgentaler controversy, so why is Dion pushing on abortion button now???

    More at: http://www.bloggingtories.ca/forums/post43219.html#43219

  • Alberta Girl

    And your comment reflects the topic how????

  • Alberta Girl

    And your comment reflects the topic how????