John Tory live interview

John Tory, the leader of the PC Party of Ontario will participate in a live video townhall right here on this blog at 4pm EST on Friday August 15th.

A few weeks ago, I held a similar townhall with Preston Manning. You can see the the product of that here.

Please login to this site at 4pm and I will pass on your great questions from the chat window provided. The floor is open, so ask Tory your questions on topics ranging from the McGuinty government to conservatism in Ontario to the next election.

UPDATE: We’re live!

UPDATE: I think that went well. We had to redial mid-chat but here are the results of this blog’s second townhall. Thanks to John Tory. The picture is a bit choppy for the first 8 minutes but after the break the video is of good quality.

Preston Manning Live Interview

Today, at 6pm EST, we’re going to try something new. My boss at the Manning Centre, Preston Manning, will answer your questions live here on this blog. The floor is open to whatever you’d like to ask (within reason) and I’ll do my best to moderate the discussion. It’ll be like those old days of the AOL celebrity chat, but with new web 2.0 technology. I hope that you’ll join us.

UPDATE: We’re live!

UPDATE: I think the experiment was a success. Here’s the video.