Peter Kent running

We’ve known about this one for a few weeks, but today it became official. Peter Kent, former anchor of the national news on CBC, and former Global television journalist, announced his candidacy for the next federal election for the Conservative Party of Canada for the riding of St. Paul’s.

“Paul Martin’s diminished moral authority at home is diminishing this country’s moral authority abroad, which has economic ramifications as Canada’s reputation slips deeper into international disrepute. The Prime Minister’s recent announcements are largely cut-and-paste reiterations of empty promises from last year’s campaign, and repackaged announcements made years ago. Other Martin announcements, like the pledge to re-unite immigrant families, should have been a priority when he first became Prime Minister, yet he waits until times are desperate for his party to even consider this important issue. Another year in limbo with a government that sees power as an end, rather than a means, is unacceptable. Canada needs new and competent government now.” — Peter Kent, Conservative Party of Canada candidate for St. Paul’s

Welcome aboard to Peter Kent! As the Liberals’ hold on power continues to erode, the Conservatives keep signing up star candidates. Things are looking good for the party.

Here are a few links
Peter Kent Campaign home
Harper announces Peter Kent as a Conservative candidate [Video]

Paragraph K

If anyone really wants to know what Paul Martin really means when he insists that we “wait for Gomery”, take a look at this great post over at Gin and Tonic.

We can wait for Gomery, perhaps, but really… what are the limits of his mandate?

Paragraph K: the Commissioner be directed to perform his duties without expressing any conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or criminal liability of any person or organization and to ensure that the conduct of the inquiry does not jeopardize any ongoing criminal investigation or criminal proceedings;

The Chuck Guite testimony is set to be released this week. Can Gomery call Guite guilty? Can Gomery even let you know what he thinks about the Liberals and their involvement? Likely not as Paul Martin has set the limited mandate as is evident in paragraph K highlighted above.